Beth is the creator, host and executive producer of the legendary UnCabaret. She has shepherded it through more than 25 years of weekly live shows, CD’s, TV, and touring and recently produced the 25th Anniversary show which Variety called ‘A Triumph!”. UnCabaret has been called a ‘comedy be in’ by Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair said there is “Nothing cooler,’ and the LA Times called Beth the ‘godmother of alternative comedy’.

Concurrent with UnCabaret Beth has worked as a host, actor, writer, stand up and creativity coach.

Her hosting work extends to radio, where she hosted both the “Beth Lapides Experience” and “Radio UnCabaret” for Comedy World Radio. For television she hosted UnCabaret for Comedy Central and ‘The Couch’, as a pilot, for MTV. She’s also created and hosted UnCabaret’s spin offs, ‘Say The Word’, the first of the new wave of storytelling shows, and the critically acclaimed Other Network Festival of UnAired Pilots.

Beth’s written for O Magazine, Elle Décor, The Los Angeles Times, Time Magazine, Premiere Magazine, The LA Weekly, and LA Yoga for whom she wrote a syndicated monthly column “My Other Car is A Yoga Mat”. Her first book, “Did I Wake You?”, was published by Soft Skull Press, and she’s currently at work on her second book. She’s completed her first feature has finally begun writing for television.

Beth’s appeared on NPR’s “All Things Considered”, ABC Radio’s “Satellite Sisters” as a commentator and on ‘Politically Incorrect’, ‘The Today Show’, ‘Women Aloud’ among others. Beth’s toured her one-woman shows internationally and performed stand-up in countless clubs and theaters. As an actress Beth generally plays off-beat authority figures. She’s appeared in “Sex & The City”, ‘Will & Grace”, on Comedy Central and in a number of indie films including the soon to be released “You Are Here”.

Beth is a master teacher and creativity coach. She’s taught her writing and performance workshop at many venues including Second City, The LA Gay and Lesbian Center and Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.

Beth has been helping creatives grow their careers for almost 16 years. Her particular areas of expertise are teasing the most personal funny out of anyone. Helping comedians find their unique comedic perspective. Helping writers find the golden vein of their stories, and figuring out what to do with them in the marketplace. Helping all creatives find their own personal sutra. The thread that carries through all of their work. She is especially adept at helping creatives surf transitional periods in their creative lives.

Her first inclination that she might be good at teaching and coaching came when her friend Jessica Bendinger was at a crossroads and shared a handful of projects she night pursue. The cheering story Beth said with assurance. Fade out fade in…. Bring It On. 

Since then Beth’s taught both independently and at institutions such as UCLA Extension, Second City Chicago, Skirball Cultural Center, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and The Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art.  She also speaks on creativity and comedy and has appeared at Brown University, The University of Iowa,  A Place of Peace and more.

Her students have gone on to succeed in stand up careers, TV writing, screenwriting, publishing books, one person shows, teaching, web series, acting careers, producing and better lives.

Beth also works one-on-one with private clients. This work is very effective for longer projects, clients outside of Los Angeles, clients who require privacy and creatives with high powered day jobs needing more flexibility. Beth has worked this way with big name stars, bloggers, lawyers, comedians and more. Email to schedule a free 15 minute assessment call.

Beth is the recipient of several National Endowment of The Arts grants and ran a campaign to make First Lady an elected position and her one of a kind books have been shown at The Metropolitan Museum of Art Library.