Beth Lapides wildly effective method for developing new material for one-person shows, stand-up, memoirs, personal essays, scripts, pitches and books. An inspiring workshop in which you shape your unique comedic perspective and zero in on the projects that most suit it.

Mondays Sept 8, 15, 22, 30


Class Limited to 10

Workshop: $250

Workshop + One Hour Private: $300

Private Creative Coaching:  $100/hr


213-706-3630 for Questions & Credit Card payments

Underground Theater Annex: 1314 N Wilton Place (Just North of Fountain)   Hollywood, CA 90028


Beth’s guidance is individually oriented. Through personalized assignments and patented exercises, Beth helps you develop your voice and projects, and in addition, helps you formulate a strategy for getting your work out into the world.

The Comedian’s Way is a great place to make breakthroughs and a completely safe environment in which to face your fears about standing on stage and speaking your deepest truths.

“This class literally changed my life! You didn’t just help my work, you helped my whole life.” 

“You need alt-comedy swami Beth Lapides and her proven techniques” LA Weekly

“A safe artistic place to grow and blossom. You have created a rare oasis for true artists.” Cathryn Michon, grrlgenius


It’s almost impossibly simple.

At the beginning of each class Beth answers questions about comedy, writing, performing and living as a creative. She covers everything from the physical to the metaphysical. She shares information about techniques.

Then each participant gets 10 minutes of focused time.

Generally the time is divided into 5 minutes onstage and five minutes of Beth’s detailed notes: what worked and why, what didn’t work so well and why. The notes include suggestions and individual assignments for the next class. Sometimes more advanced students or students with a lot of material they need to cover use more time on the material and take less time on notes. Because the class is so individually oriented the environment is challenging without being competitive. Beth’s encouraging support combined with her tough love style encourages risk taking and experimentation.

Your work onstage work can be done from notes, read, memorized or improvised. It’s encouraged that you bring in new material to each class rather than polished one 5 minute chunk. If you don’t even know where to begin, Beth can work in a Q&A format with you, leading you to places that will be productive areas to develop. Beth has mad skills at this.


“Beth Lapides is a doll and chock full of comedy/spoken word wisdom! Nothing is better than knowing you are in smart and capable hands.” Kelly Carlin

Beth Lapides is an amazing teacher! She has truly helped me commit to writing the book that I have said I was “going to write” since I was twelve! She gives you great advice but even more importantly she helps you believe in yourself. If you are even thinking about challenging yourself, take the chance and sign up. Come on my bucket list friends!”  Nadine S.

“Beth Lapides zeros in like a laser beam on story and the person telling it. She is ultimately concerned with your authenic voice and does much to cultivate it. Everyone one in class improved like gangbusters. Low on snob facor, high on support – a seriously funny group!” A Karno

” They said they loved it. All because of you.”
“Loved seeing people take leaps. Also, despite the pain and agony, I’m happy about what I learned?improvements I made. You do an incredible  job, your commentary is so sharp (yet warm) and well expressed.”
“My favorite thing about you is what you say. How you cut right through to the heart. And that you are right. And how you love.”


Yes! If you have gotten this far most likely the answer to your question is yes.

The workshop is a mixed-level class. The class has included working working comedians, TV show runners, produced screenwriters, published authors, professional actors, teachers and attorneys. Also sketch comedians who want to make the leap to stand-up, stand-ups who are tired of their acts, writers who need work on pitching, parents who are getting back to their creative lives. And some absolute beginners and people who for one reason or another want to face their fear of being on stage.

“I’m much looser and more real at work.” Laurel Lippert, PhD, “Survivor”

Alumns of The Comedian’s Way have gone on to write for 30 Rock, King of the Hill and other TV shows, publish books, sell pitches, get acting and hosting jobs, create one-person shows, events, produce successful podcasts, win story slams and lead fuller, richer, longer lives. Longer is possibly an exaggeration.




You can audit any class, and every class. Audits are $20 per class. Cash in class or pre pay using PayPal

“I’ve been doing standup for 20 years and I didn’t know half of this!” Scott, professional comedian

“I felt completely welcomed and entertained. I thought that the venue was terrific and for anyone interested in learning to develop their writing skills, fleshing out their life stories and to practice delivering them in a comedic way, this is the place to go. Tremendous support is provided in a safe environment with intelligent and very professional feedback.”  Anonymous Goldstar review


Yes. If you are interested in bringing Beth to teach and perform contact her at

Besides her ongoing classes in LA, Beth has lead workshops in Tucson, Scottsdale, NYC, Palm Springs, Ventura and she has taught often teaches at The Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health.

Weekend and one day workshops are a wonderful way to kik starct new work and get big picture perspective. The weeklong intensives create a hothouse with a huge possibility for break throughs. At Kriplau the workshop focuses on using comedy writing and performance techniques both in a professional capacity (speaking, stand up, teaching, presentations) and simultaneously for personal development. Perfect as a liberating retreat and way to refresh.

“I really do think you are magic… You create a vortex of evolutionary alchemizing splendor that so graciously invites each participant to enter in and actually become the person they most want to be. In five days–FIVE!–I went from a person who thought she would have a heart attack and die if she stood in front of people and talked to them, to somebody who can’t WAIT to stand in front of total strangers and communicate her most intimate, awkward thoughts. I discovered it’s actually fun.” Amy

“My creativity has been totally damned up. Well, the dam has broken!’  Susan N

“I learned a great spiritual lesson.”  Shari Elf, funny musician

“Entertaining and thoughtful. Your good will is huge and palpable, your feedback gentle and helpful. I learned at least as much watching and listening to comments for others as I learned from my own stage time. You offer a solid and valid service in a field that frequently is more invested in proselytizing or coldly squeezing every last cent out of the lost, hopeless or vulnerable.”    Chip K TV writer


Yes. Privates are great for in depth, personalized attention. Long term projects like putting a show or an act together, writing a book, or launching a stand up career are perfect uses for privates.

“Enormously helpful. I think what the sessions taught me the most was to trust my own voice. I say yes to things that come my way now, instead of saying no because of fear. So thank you thank you!”  

Andrea Martin, “SCTV” 


Beth has been a sought after teacher for over a decade. Her uncanny perception, extensive experience and inspirational tough love have helped students and clients discover and develop material for stage, page, and screens. Clients and students have shaped stand-up, one person shows, memoirs, pitches, auditions and have had an improved quality of life.

She has lectured and taught privately and at UCLA Extension, Brown University, University of Iowa, Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health, Judy Carter Comedy Workshop, Humber College, Media Bistro, Cal Arts, the LA Gay & Lesbian Center, The Skirball Cultural Center, Improv Olympic West, Bang Comedy Studio, PS 122, Myrna Loy Center for the Arts (Helena) and Club Congress (Tucson).

Additionally she has coached speakers, marketing gurus, lawyers and statisticians on presentation skills and worked with comedians and writers privately.

“This is my dojo!”  Brian, writer The Bernie Mac Show

“Better than therapy!”  Judy

“I will never forget that you told me the “thread” to my stories. I have owned my truth everyday, and thanks to you, I am living my dream as a public personality, motivational speaker and business coach.  I took the class with about 6 years ago. Loved it. Still using the techniques you taught me and now have my own national radio show. You would be proud.”  Ally

“Fabulous! It’s great for anyone who wants to find their inner performer, not just comedians.” Penelope Starr, founder Odyssey Storytelling

“I felt completely welcomed and entertained. I thought that the venue was terrific and for anyone interested in learning to develop their writing skills, fleshing out their life stories and to practice delivering them in a comedic way, this is the place to go. Tremendous support is provided in a safe environment with intelligent and very professional feedback.” – Anonymous Goldstar review

“Last night I did an 8 minute set at the Comedy Store and I was nervous going up, because, it being a straight club, I was going up telling more story-formatted material like I learned in class. I wasn’t sure how it would go over. And for the most part, it was all new material. But the set ended up waking the crowd up and it killed. There were points where they were howling and clapping and screaming. It was amazing. So, I wanted to thank you. You have really helped me start to tap into who I am as a comic, and I am forever grateful to you for that.” – Kevin B, comedian

“You’re so good it’s scary!”  Jay

“A must for any actor!”  Jan

“Can’t stop thinking and building on what you’ve given me!” Janet S. Blake, writer and producer of SPARK storytelling

“You  are brilliant,  filled with wisdom pearls which this little piggy ate up in absolute delight! The students were wonderful – I laughed, I cried…literally!” Kirsten Long

“Had it not been for the UnCab Lab I would still be a shut-in and a hermit.” Michael D, cartoonist & comedian

“I learned more in three hours with you than I have in 5 years!”  Seth B

“A wonderful way to explore and develop material with two insightful, seasoned professionals. The sessions assist the professional crafting of material in a supportive, low-pressured, productive environment. I felt the method and experience is inspirational for writing and performance of personal material. Highest recommendation.”  Mark, writer

“I can’t wait to take the class again, as the first one was truly an amazing experience for me.” Jamie Flam, writer/standup

“I love you, you released the real me!!!!”  Ken Fox, musician

“Masterful… powerful!”  Marsha

“Seriously super helpful stuff… awesome principles and rules of thumb that you laid out awesomely (e.g. bite size chunks)!”  Kristof

 ”Thank you again for a wonderful Comedians’ Way series. Loved being in the audience and seeing people take leaps. Despite the pain and agony, I also enjoyed participating and I’m happy about what I learned/improvements made. I do think you do an incredible job with this group and your commetary is so sharp (yet warm) and well expressed.” Jane