Where the Party Is!

OMG!! How is it possible that we only have 2 Sunday shows left!? You must come to one of them! Unless you are far away! And by far away I mean Tokyo or Soho not WeHo! Oh oh!

If you are here gather your glitter and hop on Beverly, which takes you to Temple which turns into First and voila! No Sunday traffic so before you know it the beautiful Disney Hall is in front of you and you take an easy turn right into the driveway and then left into the garage where, as a special treat, the yogis are all hot yogid out. That’s a fun parade to watch.

A couple of weeks ago one of those yogis looked at me and asked “Where’s the party?!”.

Upstairs. And by upstairs I don’t mean in my head. Well not just. Up the stairs and to the corner of the plaza (i love that word) into the magical AuLac where the most eclectic and beautiful people are festivating over Chef Ito’s vegan delights. Head the the back turn left through the curtain and … oh! Yep. That’s where the party is. 8 o’clock every Sunday. Ok. Almost every Sunday. A girl needs time to write the scripts, and pitch the shows and get on her mat. Maybe not at hot yoga. maybe just right here, next to her desk.

We have a great special surprise musical guest this week who is all kinds of hot. On top of the genius hilarious story people. Next week Shelby Lynne you guys! Plus all the funny.

Come see us before we start the turn into 2018, which we are making big plans for. Stay tuned. Stay connected. Stay changeable.

xox Your Sunday Girl xo Beth