Sunday’s Fun

Superfun line up on Sunday 7/9…. I’ve kind of stopped doing the credit run downs in the email but we have a trio of newish to us folks and here for your easy consumption is intel. #fridayfeeling #lookingforwardtosunday #sundayfunday #sundaynightchuurch #Sundaydinner #sundaybridgetomonday #leavesaturdaytotheamatuers #TICKETS  

Kira Soltanovich (Showtime, Oxygen, The Tonight Show, Jimmy Kimmel, 3rd Rock From The Sun etc) been with us for the past five years. Always funny filled with family stories of raising kids, her Russian immigrant parents. This past year she shot her special ‘You Did This To  Me’ avail on Amazon Prime.

Excited to welcome Roy Wood Jr. You know him from the Daily Show, Late Night with David Letterman, Late Night with Seth Meyers, Conan, Showtime at the Apollo. Variety said he was one of 10 comics to watch in 2016 and now you get your chance.

Happy to welcome back Dan St Germain. Fun to say. Fun to watch! Conan, Comedy Central Half Hour, @midnight, This Is Not Happening on Comedy Central, Jimmy Fallon etc.

The sweet and sly Eli Olsberg co-hosts the Performance Anxiety at The Pleasure Chest show with TJ Miller. Writes for Adult Swim and has been also seen on The Soup Investigates.

The music is off the hook. We have both Zach Sherwin brilliant rapper (Epic Rap Battles of History, Crazy Ex Girlfriend, America’s Got Talent, MTV) and SpaceCream. SpaceCream is actually Savannah Pope. She has one of the most astounding voices. She’ll be debuting an original that she and Mitch are working on right now. And doing a John Lennon song like you’ve never heard it.

And of course us.

And Chef Ito. I had the ‘Cheesy Noodles’ for the first time last Sunday. The cheese is cashew butter. The noodles are no carb seaweed. Yes, I will be having that again:) #sundayisthekeytoabetterweek

xo Your Sunday Girl xo Beth