Explosively Bright Comedy and Music for the Summer Solstice! 6/22/14

Stories and deep dish comedy plus explosively bright music. Specifically…

 The one and only Rebecca Corry is back from her once-in-a-lifetime Million Pibble March on Washington with tales to tell. 

 Erin Foley’s podcast is called Sports Without Balls! I am not a fan of sports but I sure am a fan of Erin. (I am also a fan of our podcast which has episodes featuring Rebecca, The Sklar Brothers, Daniel Radcliffe, Lili Taylor, John Riggi, Ana Gasteyer, Tim Bagley, etc.) 

 If you have not yet seen Chris Woods do his wild thing with us you are missing something very special — a virtuoso violin player with a big heart and a huge sense of fun!

Emily Heller uses the Mr before her name and that is not the only wonderful thing about her. You may have seen her on Conan. She has been named a comic to watch by both Variety and Comedy Central and on top of that she has a series called the future. More here. 

We are always happy to have an UnCab debut, and this week we welcome, from DC, Kyle Martin!

 Plus it is Louis’ birthday and so that means candles making things even brighter and cake! 

Have a great week, see you on the sunniest Sunday of the year!

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