Sam Pancake






Sam Pancake is a sweet, adorable and very funny member of the UnCabaret family. If you’ve ever watched TV you’ll recognize Sam from such popular shows as Kitchen Confidential, Arrested Development and Will & Grace and the films Legally Blonde 2 and Win a Date with Tad Hamilton!, among others.

Sam is also a regular on the Los Angeles theatre circuit, starring (with pal Drew Droege) in the recent sold-out show Stronger Choices (follow-up to last year’s hit Strong Choices) and regaling audiences as Drunk Lucy in the ’70s late-night talk show spoof The Chuck Rivers Show.

He explains his recent one-man show Wasted on a Boy — which retraced his journey through show biz to being “forced” as a child to do drag in a Minstrel Show in Appalachia to being labeled “Hollywood’s Go-To Gay Guy” by Advocate Magazine in 2010 — thusly: “When I was a little boy in West Virginia, spinster great-aunts, elderly church ladies and such would clock my big blue eyes, wavy locks and curly lashes and exclaim, ‘Wasted on a boy!’ I, knowing and relishing my true nature, would smirk and think to myself, ‘Not wasted on THIS boy!'”

Sam’s a delightful storyteller, and a master of swimming in the stream of consciousness and we love him — you will, too!

Check out Sam’s imdb page.

Photos by Belissa Cohen