Our Community of Comedy!

Someone just asked me about our community. Which I always feel is very obvs. But here it is spelled out!

We are a creative community centered on the art of comedy and the music that supports it.
Comedy luminaries. Light shiners.
We are a community of artists who aim for the truth and make it funny.
Funny is not enough.
But funny is necessary.
We love storybased work but are not a ‘storytelling’ show.
The performers will often recommend other performers they feel aligned to.
We grow organically.
We value excellence.
It’s a woman owned company and we’re an advocate for women in comedy.
We are diverse. In race, gender, sexuality.
We are multi-generational and so is our audience.
We often have parents and grown children bringing each other to shows.
We love people with smarts.
It’s a supportive community that encourages risk taking on stage.
The show aims to dive as deeply into the moment as possible.
We value the now.
The shows are structured, I aim for a certain ride. Within that there is not so much a looseness as a freedom.
We value conversation, intimacy, difference and truth.
We look for one of a kind performers.
We have many in our group, or ‘confederacy’ as the LA TImes called us, who have been part of our community for the span of the 25 years.
And we have folks we love that we met last week.
People refer to it as a salon.
We’ve had marriages bubble up out of it.
We take the long view.
We like to leave people feeling better, hopeful, connected.
We value unique collaboration that happens when deeply talented solo artists come together.
We are a quilt.
As I say in my email blasts, come for the comedy stay for the hugs.