Moms! You can’t live with them, you can’t get born without them.

UnCab is more than a show, it’s a family affair.

So bring your Mom for free. Better than chocolates, flowers or guilt trips — a night of comedy, music and unconditional love from the show that the LA Weekly calls “The Mother Show of Alternative Comedy”. USE CODE MOM for two for ones.

And Mama Mia what a show! Laura Kightlinger, Julie Goldman, Tim Bagley, James Adomian and Christy Stratton, plus musical guests Sabrina Chap and The Dustbowl Revival! Plus it’s Suzanna’s birthday! So we will have cake!

Tickets  Facebook Event

laura kightlinger

A beloved member of the  UnCabaret family, Laura Kightlinger is a true original in the world of comedy.Her individual style and vision echoes through her writing, acting and stand up. She was a consulting producer on “Will and Grace,” on which she played  “Nurse Shelia.” She also wrote for “Roseanne” and “Saturday Night Live, where she was also a featured performer. Her first book, entitled “Quick Shots of False Hope,” was described by The New York Times Book Review as a “memorable, disturbing and darkly comic debut.”

Laura’s recent tweet about Mother’s Day : It’s hard to find a Mother’s Day card that isn’t overtly sentimental. I’d like to find one that reads: “Hey, we all make mistakes.”  She is as dry as a dry martini! And almost as intoxicating.

The super sweet and sly Tim Bagley has won two LA Weekly Awards as a member of The Groundlings. He’s been cracking people up on TV (“Monk,” “Pushing Daisies, “Curb Your Enthusiasm”) and in movies like Judd Apatow’s “This is 40” and “Knocked Up”. But nowhere is he more wonderful and more Tim than at UnCabaret, where his revealing stories about being an actor, a son and, well, a human, make our hearts sing. Oh yes, and there are those blue eyes!



With Julie Goldman, Christy Stratton, The Dustbowl Revival and James Adomian!


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