Magical, Musical Merriment at UnCabaret 7/21

If you haven’t yet seen Justin Willman — host of Cupcake Wars — do magic (not the bad kind!!!!) you are missing something extremely delectable! Plus we are thrilled to have two very different and wonderful and not related – that they know of (but aren’t we all cousins?) — Fitzsimmons’s! Fitzsimmons’?  Spellcheck, where are you? Greg Fitzsimmons meet Robbie Fitzsimmons.

Not to mention Kira Soltanovich is one freaking funny hot mama! And…. Zach Sherwin has more colors in his language than Sherwin Williams has in paint! Plus Christy Stratton rarely emerges from the writer’s room to stand up in the light!

So Keep Calm and Carry Un! See you Sunday!

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Justin Willman, Greg Fitzsimmons, Robbie Fitzsimmons, Kira Soltanovich, Christy Stratton and Zach Sherwin.


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