LGBTQ Comedy

Oct 8, 2017

You might be wondering why there’s a pic of a cartoon face in front of a performer’s face on this week’s poster. Maybe you thought she thought it was cute. Well that’s true but not the big truth of it. Esra’a is from Bahrain. “A country slightly larger than this room,” as she says. She’s also LGBTQ. I think you know the situation for Arab queer women. So to protect her family she doesn’t use her picture in promotion. She’s also a human rights activist, a keynote speaker and a TED speaker and a girl who met a girl on OK Cupid. She’s also funny and delightful. You will be very glad you have seen her.

Also excited to have major UnCab OG player Julia Sweeney back. Julia has been in Chicago raising her daughter and is getting ready to return to the stage with her next big piece. She’s starting in on those stories on Sunday. If you were around for the working out of ‘God Said Ha!’ and ‘Letting Go of God’ you know you will want to be with us for this.

Plus so many delights. Look above. Or below. Listed both places. And also always look above and below. Always look both ways. All the ways. Look in many directions.

When you hear the supposed leader say this is the calm before the storm and you think this is not calm! Look inside and find the calm center before you think WTF is the storm. #whatitellmyself

When you see a story about a supposed leader in the film business who has made the world awful for many women. Look towards the politicians who have donated his contributions to orgs that fight for women’s rights #stayfocused

When you hear about actual storms look for the helpers. #whatmrrogerssaid

Look around. See the beauty. What we gaze upon we become. But fk it is really taking a lot of work to stay focused. Look both ways. Plus look both ways. Look tough so they can’t get you. And look sweet. Cause that’s what the world needs. #fashiongoals

Come see us this week, it’s going to be quite a ride. Those of you who entered the contest use your $5 off contest entry code: uncabme.

For now, with love….

xox Your Sunday Girl xox Beth