Review of 2/17/13 UnCabaret by LA Culture Hound


Each UnCabaret show is different.  Some nights are raucous and profane, others are gutsy and confessional.  Tonight’s show struck a certain elegiac tone.  As always, Beth Lapides displayed her gifts at alchemy by assembling the perfect blend of talent to make for a mesmerizing night.


Kira Soltanovich speaks of sitting beside her 101-year-old grandmother, dying in hospice. The others have gone out to smoke “because all Russian Jews legally have to smoke.” Kira kisses her grandmother’s forehead, whispers in her ear.  “It’s okay, babushka, everyone went to smoke.  Go now, it’s safe.” Her cousins are coming out of the elevator, and she’s thinking go, go, go! “And she passed.” The rabbi in attendance mentions that he also does Bar Mitzvahs. “The rabbi is networking in front of my dead grandmother,” she sighs.
Patton Oswalt

Patton Oswalt at UnCabaret


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