Infinite Jest

August is the month of Infinity. See below…. and Sunday, August 14 we have an night of Infinite Jest.

Lauren Weedman  The author of the hilarious “I’m OK and Other Lies I tell Myself”, Lauren is best known for her role on the HBO’s Looking. You also recognize her from her roles Date Night, The Five-Year Engagement, New Girl and 2 Broke Girls. She has a substantial and award winning body of solo performance work, including Homecoming, BUST, and The People’s Republic of Portland.

John Riggi is best known for his work as a producer and writer on 30 Rock, The Larry Sanders Show, Will and Grace and The Comeback. You can listen to John on our podcast Life and Beth.

Andy Dick The Un and Only! Love, NewsRadio, Letterman, Kimmel. If anyone else were telling his personal stories, you wouldn’t believe him! Listen to him on our podcast Life and Beth.

Zack Sherwin Comedian and rapper, his music has appeared on the award winning Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell, The Pete Holmes Show, he is a staff writer for the immensely popular Youtube series Epic Rap Battles of History. Zach’s own music videos have been viewed millions of times online, and his first two albums are available on Comedy Central.

Terra Naomi Terra Naomi was so delightfully wonderful last Sunday we are having her back this week. Because we can! Terra changed the independent music landscape in 2006 – when she posted a series of videos on YouTube – quickly building a worldwide audience of millions and winning the YouTube artist of the year award. She signing deals with Universal Music Publishing and Island Records, entertained audiences from Kashmir to Lilith Fair to Wembley Stadiumwhere she performed for 80,000 people. She’s shared the stage with artists like Natasha Bedingfield, Sara Bareilles, Martha Wainwright. Her songs have been featured in dozens of films, television shows, and commercials. Terra has returned to her roots as an indie artist and is prepping to record her new album which she funded with her innovative #helpyoufly campaign.

Jeffrey MarshHost, author, public speaker and youth advocate Jeffrey Marsh has more than a quarter BILLION views across social media. As the creator of the global trends #DontSayThatsSoGay and #NoTimeToHateMyself, Jeffrey has earned spots on top Viner lists by both BuzzFeed and Vine with a positive, inclusive message. In 2015, Jeffrey was named official red carpet correspondent for both MTV/Logo and GLSEN and as a featured writer for The Huffington Post and Medium. Jeffrey is a precepted facilitator in the Soto Zen tradition of Buddhism, as well as a host, actor, singer, songwriter, dancer, and comedian.

Au Lac Plant Based Food
710 W 1st Street
LA, CA 90012
Doors 7:15
Tickets Here $10 – $30
16 and over.
Information and phone reservations: 213-706-3630
Mitch Kaplan Musical Director
Louis Van Taylor on Sax
Denise Fraser on Drums


Is it here already.
I have that feeling so frequently.
It’s one of the main reasons I meditate.
That and the wight loss. Ha ha.
Is it here already?
Five o’clock.
August really has a is it here already feeling to me.
The end of the summer.
That marks the beginning of the end of the year.
And yet.
August also has a feeling of infinity to it.
The 8.
The ∞.
The beautiful infinite 8.
I love infinity.
I know that may be weird to say.
But the idea of infinity which I just can’t comprehend.
It’s relaxing.
I don’t have to even try to understand it.
Because it’s incomprehensible.
I fell in love with infinity when I lived in the desert.
One day I noticed I was using my index finger
To trace an infinity sign on my thumb.
I started noticing I was doing it a lot.
I wasn’t thinking about infinity.
I was just doing this finger tracing thing.
It almost felt like the Cosmic Spirit was talking to me.
Hey Beth, what about infinity.
Think about that.
Wake up!
Ok ok ok!
I opened up to infinity,
I learned this.
The sun makes an infinity sign in the sky every year.
You can’t see it with your naked eye.
You need time lapse photography to actually see it.
The sun makes an infinity sign in the sky every year.
It’s called an analemma.
From the Greek for support.
Maybe meaning this.
What is immeasurable.
Supports what is measurable.
I think that’s maybe the idea.
What is measurable is in need of support.
What is immeasurable needs no support.
This time in the desert was when
I was developing the show that would become
100% Happy 88% of the Time.
I fell in love with 88.
Double infinity.
There can be no such thing.
Infinity is undoubleable.
And right about then I began to sing.
And Mitch and I wrote The Change Song.
And I learned that the piano has 88 keys.
The thing that struck me about singing
Was that it is all about the vowels.
Vowels are infinite.
Comedy is all about consonants.
The constant and the infinite.
The whole alphabet of life.
The two loops of the ∞.
Sometimes lately it feels like not enough.
Is that the end of the alphabet already?
Like there is a bigness.
A moreness.
August holds that possibility.
The long days.
The heat.
The sun.
The simultaneous limit and unlimitedness.
The 8.
The ∞.
And we try to put those two loops together for you every Sunday.
Be with us this week. 8/7.

Infinitely Yours,
xox Your Sunday Girl xo