Hot August Night with Greg Behrendt 8/18

Greg Behrendt is known for many things. He’s a brilliant lifelong comedian who accidentally became the bestselling co-author of the inescapable “He’s Just Not That Into You” and the recently released “It’s Just a F***ing Date.”  He was host of the weirdly named Greg Behrendt Show and is the musical force behind the instrumental surf and ska combo The Reigning Monarchs. It is because of all these unique, memorable accomplishments that he is recognized worldwide as That Guy From That Thing! Come let him rock you with his mantasticness this Sunday, along with a stellar lineup for a hot August night.

It’s an all round amazing show! Brent Forrester (writer for The Ben Stiller Show, The Simpsons, King of the Hill, Late Night With Conan, Mr. Show and The Office (where he also directed), currently on Super Fun Night on ABC) Julie Goldman, Emily Heller (Conan), Morten Kier, Karen Kilgariff and conniekim!

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