Comedy Isn’t Pretty But…

Hit me with a pretty stick!

Of course comedy is never pretty – although sometimes the people who practice it are:) And that is def the case this week. But music is often pretty and this Sunday we welcome some of the prettiest music ever! Sweet, pretty voices and those honey harmonies.

Many of you will have heard conniekim who hangs in the Sam Pancake, Drew Droege posse.

Mitch and Beth met Powdercoat‘s Kristin Mooney during production on “100% Happy 88% of The Time” on which she lent her insanely beautiful voice. Take a listen. You’ll be pretty amazed and you WILL want to come see them live.

Our surprise special guest is a knockout in the comedy circuit. Plus we have Rebecca Corry, Caitlin Bergh in her UnCab debut and Kyle Dunnigan, who’s pretty damn lucky to be the only dude amongst these beauties! He’s pretty cute, too!

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