OK Columbus did not discover America. And what happened after he rediscovered it is still being repaired. Neverthless discovery itself is what makes life worth living and there is something about Fall that makes this a good time to celebrate that. Even if what we discover is that Columbus didn’t discover America.

So this Columbus Day weekend, some of our favorite alt comedy explorers will share stories of their journeys and discoveries. Ben Gleib, Kira Soltanovich and Jackie Kashian have landed on our shores before and regaled us with their unique comic treasures. We also have some of our own new discoveries: Greg Walloch and singers Sarah Stanley and Tammy Fay Starlite/Nico! Drop anchor on the shores of UnCabaret and discover a new world of comedy and music with a rich history — you’ll want to return to again and again.

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There is so much that we are on the verge of discovering. If we can just put our guns away and play nice for a bit. Vast dimensional shifts, new arenas of human potential. Not to mention the theory of everything! At UnCabaret we continue to discover the best of the alt comedy comedy performers and mix them with music magic, stories so that every Sunday you can discover you are pretty glad to be a human on earth.

PS if you are not familiar with First and Hope it’s quite easy to discover. It’s downtown – but just. Across from The Music Center. 710 W 1st Street. LA 90012

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