¡Dios mío! UnCabaret’s Cinco de Mayo show is going to be more fun than a piñata party!


We’ll be spicing things up with Sam Pancake, who rescheduled his recently cancelled appearance for reasons to be revealed in a new story definitely worth waiting for!

Sam’s latest sold out show “Wasted on a Boy” proved his talent is definitely not wasted on this boy. Whether he’s stealing scenes on TV and in movies like “Legally Blonde 2: Red, White & Blonde,” making YouTube relevant with videos like “My Drunk Aunts” Sam Pancake is always delightfully delicious. But never more so than at UnCabaret.

Also returning to UnCabaret this Sunday are hot tamale Kira Soltanovich (the voice of the phone booth on Leno), Emmy Award-winning writer Greg Fitzsimmons (see him in Episode 3 of UnCabaret Amazon) and comic in residence Rebecca Corry – who may finally follow through on her threat to tell her story of being locked in Courteney Cox’s bathroom. Plus soulful music from Sam Morrow! And funny tunes from Karen Kilgariff (look for her in Episode 1 of UnCabaret Amazon) who will be sing new songs.

Grab your serape  and help us turn Cinco de Mayo turn into Cinco de My-oh-my-oh!

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