Britweek! UnCabaret’s British UnVasion 4/27

UnCabaret is thrilled to be part of Britweek L.A.! Sunday’s show is a British UnVasion!

Stories and music by L.A. living and love Brits and Brit loving and living Los Angelenos: David Conolly, Matt Kirshen, Kelly Mantle, Taylor Negron, Sam Pancake, Eliot Glazer and Kirsten Holly Smith.

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Podcast: UnCabaret UnStaged

UnCabaret UnStaged is our new podcast. Please do put it into your ears and then let it play around inside you.

Beth asks our guests the provocative but UnAnswerable question: What makes you you? They talk for half an hour and then Mitch plays them their own personal theme song.

Our guests have been amazingly entertaining, soulful and funny. Daniel Radcliffe, Ana Gasteyer, Tim Bagley, Rebecca Corry, Jackie Kashian, John Riggi, Merrill Markoe, Brooke Smith and Lily Taylor.

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UnParalleled Alt Comedy at Sunday’s UnCab – Zappa, Droege, Pyle plus!

So excited about Sunday’s mix of alt comedy extraordinary. Drew Droege , Moon Zappa, Tim Bagley, Matt Braunger plus Musical Guests Missi Pyle and Mak Grgic.

I love Moon’s  TWITTER. It gets the whole big wonderful ball of her. She’s a rebel yogi, an author, actress, artist, Mom, daughter, yes also the proto valley girl – and all of it oh so sweet and sour funny. She recently made a much talked about appearance on MARC MARON’S WTF PODCAST. I love her rants and stories at UnCab. Plus she is always so Boho Chic.

I sat with DREW DROEGE at Alec Mapa’s Baby Daddy, where I learned the he “doesn’t much care for popcorn.” Shocking! Less shocking…The fact that Drew was recently a cover boy on Frontiers Magazine, is currently starring in  NOT LOOKING, and has a NY Magazine Aprroval Matrixed PODCASTGLITTER IN THE GARBAGE. If you know him best as Chloe Sevigny, do yourself a favor and see Drew as Drew. You’ll pop your corn!

MISSI PYLE puts the on in blonde! You’ve seen HER in a gazillion great things including THE ARTISTCHARLIE AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORYINSIDE AMY SCHUMERTHE SARAH SILVERMAN PROGRAM and FRIENDS. She sings, she shines, she stories and she just Pyles the joy quite high.  Missi was nominated for an MTV Award for Best Fight for her knock-down drag-out with  QUEEN LATIFAH. Missi started her career out SINGING and she will be HAPPILY DOING JUST THAT, and generally being on on Sunday!

TIM BAGLEY has been telling on himself at UnCab since our days at Luna Park. He came to us with an insanely talented pack of Groundlings including Judy Toll, Julia Sweeney, Kathy Griffin and Mike McDonald. You’ve seen him act his pants off, sometimes literally, on everything from  MONK to CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM to WILL & GRACE. He recently got into it with us on our podcast UNCABARET UNSTAGED on which he talked about, among other things, his show “Clean Boy, Dirty Stories” about his time as a butler at the Playboy Mansion. Oh Tim!

His new Comedy Central Special is called MATT BRAUNGER:SHOVEL FIGHTER but he is not a shovel fighter! He is a shovel lover! His Nerdist podcast is called DING DONGER. And I’m guessing that is pretty accurate. You may recognize him from his funny boy appearances on  CHELSEA LATELY, LETTERMAN and CONAN.

MAK GRGIC  is a young virtuoso guitar player. Straight out of USC his debut album  CINEMA VERISIMO is filled with the magical music of post-WW2 Hollywood. THE WASHINGTON POST calls him a “LYRICAL, INSIGHTFUL PLAYER.”

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