Comedic Storytellers 2/09

Some of the best comedic storytellers will be in once place this Sunday: at UnCabaret! You don’t want to miss this opportunity to see Alec Mapa (check him out in UnCabaret’s Episode 1 on amazon), John Riggi (Exec Producer of “30 Rock” & “Super Fun Night”), Lauren Weedman (HBO’s “Looking”), Greg Walloch (Howard Stern). All in the same night! We’re also thrilled to have and two musical guests from NYC! Jenn Harris (Joe’s Pub, Gayby) and Joseph Keckler (Village Voice’s Best Downtown Performance Artist) are both quite funny too!

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I Had a Dream… about a different kind of comedy 1/19

I had a dream that comedy could be more fun.

I had a dream that comedians could do new material every time they got on stage.

I had a dream that there could be a place where women were more than welcome to do comedy, where gay comedians, and questioning comedians and off beat comedians and writers who were funny but weren’t actually comedians could feel at home.

I had a dream of a place where sophisticated audiences would feel like the comedy was for them.

Of a place where thinking comedy and emotional comedy were the same.

Where comedians felt like they could take risks.

Where intimacy was valued.

Where stories were told.

Where I actually found the comedy funny.

And then one night I was performing for an audience who thought I was funnier than I was and I asked the the last time they laughed and they said they didn’t laugh much because they were women, and artists, and lesbians, and when they went to comedy clubs the comedians made fun of them. So I told them I would produce a show for them. It would be unhomophobic, unxenophobic, unmysogenistic. It would be UnCabaret.

Some people call it alt comedy. And Sunday we are doing a show in honor of another person who had a dream. A bigger dream.

So in honor of Martin Luther King’s Birthday we are doing a special I Had A Dream Show. Stories and songs of dreams gone awry, come true, dream boys, girls, even actual dreams of the Freudian kind. And of course some Civil Rights!

Our very dreamy line-up includes Sam Pancake, Byron Bowers, Dave Ross and Karen Kilgariff and Chris Woods.

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No food or drink minimum. Full restaurant dinner available in restaurant before the show. Light food and full bar during the show.

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Eclectic Entertainment of an Alt Comedy and All Star Kind

UnCabaret s famous for being the alt comedy show that leaves snark at the door and invites audiences into a house of eclecticism. To mix housing metaphors. This Sunday we have outdone ourselves on a house rocking eclectic line up!

Superstars Richard Chamberlain, Loni Anderson and Tippi Hedren join OG UnCabaret Taylor Negron, Laura Kightlinger and Tim Bagley! Plus Lindy Robbins (who wrote the Demi Lovato song Skyscraper) Baron Vaughn(Comedy Central) and autograph event queen Karen Cadle.

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Alt Comedy on an Alt Holiday! Thanksgivunakah!

Thanksgiving + Hanukah = Thanksgivanukah

Comedy + Stories + Music + Inspiration + Mystery + Intimacy = UnCabaret

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The + is part of the picture. Connections. Between the performers. Between the writing and the performing. Between the performers and the audience. Between on stage and off. Between one Sunday night and the next.

Here’s the big picture part: Connection is what we are here to learn right now. Environmentally borders are irrelevant. Science tells us that we have biophotons – little quanta of energy bouncing off of me and onto you and off of you onto me and we literally are each other. As well as stardust. And yet we are also uniquely ourselves. We alternate between these two realities. Uniquely ourselves – all one. That is one alternative aspect of UnCabaret’s brand of Alt Comedy!

And so we at UnCabaret are very excited about Thanksgivunakah! A holiday that will certainly be greater than the sum of its potato pancakes and stuffing. Greater than the sum of cranberries and candles. And yet at the same time still uniquely both Thanksgiving and Hanukah.

And this Sunday we are grateful to have 8 unique flames of our UnCab family creating a menorah of a show:) Beth (that’s me!) and Mitch welcome Rebecca Corry, Drew Droege, James Adomian, Morten Kier, Dan Levy and Hilary Parkin. Plus bonus candles Denise Fraser turning the beat around and Louis Van Taylor saxxing it up!

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Alt Comedy: Love How You Laugh

Love How You WorkLast night Mitch and I were part of an evening of entertainment for Steelcase. What an inspiring company! Not only is every single product they manufacture quite beautiful – it is also intelligent and healthy. They have been innovators since their second product. Their first was a safe. Then, because men in offices kept flicking their ashes into wire wastebaskets and starting fires, they turned the safe around and into a fireproof wastebasket! (I’m not just sucking up because I want a Buoy).

But the thing that really caught my attention was their tagline: “Love how you work”. Because I work so much. And I do love my work. But it made me think about the fact that I don’t always love HOW I work.

Sometimes I am focused and in the flow, but sometimes I am distracted and compulsive. The trick is that being distracted and being in the flow can look similar. And being focused and being compulsive can also look very much alike. The only difference is how they feel. It feels much different to be focused than it does to be compulsive. It feels much different to be in the flow than it does to be distracted. Love. It’s how it feels not how it looks.

So I will now be frequently asking myself: Do I love how I am working? (I just checked my email – no I did not have to. Distracted not flow!) should you care to contact me btw.

One thing that would make me love how I work more is if I could come up with an UnCabaret tagline that I love as much as Love How You Work. I posted about that on Facebook and a good friend of the show, who is an actor and producer, messaged me that he is also a professional tag and title writer  and offered to help. That is flow. And I love how that works!

We are meeting on Monday. But until then and with thanks to Steelcase, our temp tag line will be: Love How You Laugh.

Because I am reminded when I hear it that one of the reasons I started UnCabaret was that I was not loving how I was laughing. I felt dirty laughing at comedy as it was being practiced in Comedy Clubs in the late 80′s. I felt I was being tricked into laughing by the rhythm and by lies. I wanted to experience something more authentic and more truthful. Deeper laughs. I used to say: I wanted to enjoy the foreplay as much as the coming. There are many ways to describe why I started UnCabaret and that is one I had lately forgotten until I was reminded last night. I love laughing. And I wanted to love how I laughed again. And there were many people ready to love how they made people laugh again. And so alt comedy was born.

So! This Sunday 11/17, we convene our weekly cabal of the truly gifted artists of alt comedy. Two of our most prolific, Rebecca Corry and Jackie Kashian are joined by two newcomers, UK beatmaster Killa Kela (he has played with Prince!) and violinist Chris Woods, and the charmingly quirk filled Mary Lynn Rajskub (“24″) and master storyteller Carlos Kotkin (“Please God Let it Be Herpes”, The Moth).

Love the way you laugh! And laugh your way into love.

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