Byron Bowers

Byron Bowers was born and raised in a lower-middle class neighborhood in Atlanta, Georgia. But when the School Board saw fit to bus him into the more affluent, whiter suburbs the inadvertent social experiment bore comedic fruit. Byron’s experiences directly inform his comedy – crisscrossing a multicultural socioeconomic landscape with the insight of a hip hop prodigy, the punch of a mixed martial artist, and the charm one would expect from a proper southern gentleman. Put more simply: he’s laugh-out-loud funny and a total sweetheart.

Byron moved to L.A. in 2008, and the relocation has added to his cultural insight and helped him spread his appeal. Now he knows what’s funny not just about Black and White people but Gays and Mexicans, too.

Byron appears regularly at UnCabaret and other major comedy shows in L.A.. He won the Big Sky Competition in Montana, Uncle Clyde’s Comedy and the Ultimate Laff-Down XVI Competitions, and was a Boston Comedy Festival Semi-Finalist. He was a New Face for Just for Laughs in 2013. He has appeared on the Eric Andre Show on Adult Swim (and embarks on a live tour with Eric Andre this month) and Comcast TV, and will appear on Adam Devine’s House Party this fall on Comedy Central and the new season of Comic View in March 2014.

Check out this hilarious video from Byron’s website.