Workshop for
Writers, Performers & Other Humans

Use the connection between writing and performing to find and refine your unique comedy voice and zero in on the projects that are most perfectly suited to it!

Stand Up
Content  Creation
Spoken Word
One Person Shows

Spring Session 2018
6 Tuesday Evenings
April 3, 10, 17, 24
May 1, 8

7-10 PM

Actors Comedy Studio
7461 Beverly Blvd Suite 202
LA 90036

$445 with One Hour Private

Info and to Register by Phone: 213-706-3630



One on one.

I work with stand-ups, authors, content creators, script writers, producers, directors, actors, personality brands, speakers, one person shows, bloggers, musicians.

I help with creative transitions. Starting, sorting through, finishing.

One a deep level I help with full manifestation of life purpose as it expresses in your dreams and goals.

We work through creative blocks, creative overwhelm.

Session by session or ongoing.

I’m part… therapist, mid-wife, editor, punch up artist, ghost writer, cheerleader, drill sergeant, seer.

Email to set up a free assessment call.

Info and Credit Card Payments: 213-706-3630

Packages available on request.

More info below.


3 and 6 Hour Workshops
Fall/Winter sessions TBA
Contact info@uncabaret to set a a session at your company or venue.

Infinite Writing with Beth Lapides

Beth is a master teacher, creative consultant and a professional muse. She’s helped thousands of people fulfill their dreams, find their life purpose while getting funnier and having more fun. 

Her own work as a writer, comedian, host, media personality and producer, combined with her years of teaching and her vast network of enormously talented friends gives her an ability to guide students through work evolution, career transitions, personal changes and creative growth spurts.

At the end of a recent session Beth told a student they had made wonderful progress, did they see that? The student replied simply, “I feel more alive.”

Beth works privately with individuals and teaches an ongoing workshop which is a kind of sangha, a community that provides a steady beat of creative juice for likeminded creatives.

Through her extensive work nourishing the illustrious list of UnCabaret performers, and in fact nourishing her own work, she has developed a method for asking questions, cheerleading, inspiring and practically navigating the current marketplace/landscape. It is in a fact, a wildly effective method for developing skills that help build material for one-person shows, stand-up, memoirs, personal essays, scripts, pitches, books and life. In a sense this method helps to build a creative well into which water can flow. With that water anything can be created. A perfect tweet, a hit show. A new life.

Beth has mad skills at helping you shape your unique comedic perspective and zero in on the projects that most suit it.  

Beth is currently teaching Infinite Writing at The Actors Comedy Studio in West Hollywood. She has also taught independently, at UCLA Extension, IOWest, Kripalu Center For Yoga and Health, Myrna Loy Center For The Performing Arts, SMOCA, Skirball Cultural Center, West Hollywood Book Fair and PS 122 among others. 

Her workshop has evolved over the years and has been known as The UnCab Lab, The Comedian’s Way and The Beth Lapides Workshop. But it has always featured the same thing: Beth’s pointed guidance. Her determination to help students evolve, change and grow into funnier more authentic creators.

“You need comedy swami Beth Lapides!” LA Weekly

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It’s almost impossibly simple.

And impossibly effective.

Beth opens each class with instruction and inspiration on comedy, writing, performing, process  and focuses on helping you set and achieve goals. Then she answers questions about technique, work flow, career strategies and specific writing and performing challenges and opportunities you are facing.

Then each participant gets 10 minutes of focused one on one time with Beth.

Generally the time is divided into 5 minutes at the mic and five minutes of Beth’s detailed notes. Ongoing students might spend more time at the mic and less time with notes because they will already have shorthand with Beth.

Time at the mic (no mic is required if you’d rather simply sit and talk) can be a stand up set, reading a new piece, working from bullet points or working with Beth on a question and answer format. The only thing that isn’t generally very effective is working on the same five minute chunk over and over. This is a workshop intended to help you discover a broad range of material, your own themes, your biggest story, how to develop new material and how to make material work better first time out. There are tons of classes to help you hone a tight five minute set. If you have done those and are looking to go deeper, jump to the next level, take creative risks, get to your funniest self,  you have found the right place.

Beth’s notes cover what worked and why, what didn’t work so well and why not. Why something was or wasn’t funny. Why something was or wasn’t a great new direction. Suggestions for what to work on in the coming week and individual assignments for the next class.


Yes. Three ways.

1 We can set up a short call and Beth can answer any questions

2. you might want to book a private session with her before the class begins. Not at all necessary but sometimes desirable if there’s a lot of information you’d like her to have before you jump into class.

3. You can come to UnCabaret almost any Sunday night. Beth is available after the show to chat. And of course you will see her in action on stage. 

“You need alt-comedy swami Beth Lapides and her proven techniques”LA WEEKLY
“A safe artistic place to grow and blossom. You have created a rare oasis for true artists.”Cathryn Michon, grrlgenius
“Beth Lapides is a doll and chock full of comedy/spoken word wisdom! Nothing is better than knowing you are in smart and capable hands.”Kelly Carlin
“This class literally changed my life! You didn’t just help my work, you helped my whole life.”Ray

Yes! If you have gotten this far most likely the answer to your question is yes.

The workshop is mixed-level. Beth meets participants where they are and has included working comedians, TV show runners, produced screenwriters, published authors, professional actors, magazine editors, teachers, therapists, ministers, and attorneys. Also sketch comedians who want to make the leap to stand-up, stand-ups who are tired of their acts, writers who need work on pitching, parents who are getting back to their creative lives. And some absolute beginners and non-pros who, for one reason or another, want to face their fear of being on stage, or who want to know their own stories more thoroughly and intimately.

Alumns of the workshop have gone on to write for 30 Rock, King of the Hill, Modern Family and other TV shows. To publish books, sell pitches, get acting and hosting jobs, do TED talks, create one-person shows and ongoing group events, produce successful podcasts, win story slams and lead fuller, richer, longer lives. Longer is possibly an exaggeration. 

Ready to register? Yay for you! If you have unanswered questions, please contact us at to set up a free phone consultation.

If you’d prefer to work individually with Beth we can set that up for you as well.


Beth works privately with a limited number of clients. Privates are great for in depth work, work of a private nature, work that integrates sensitive personal growth.

Privates are also great for long term projects like putting together a show, or an act, writing a book, or launching a stand up career. The sessions combine consulting on the work and coaching through the life that the work in integrated in.

Private creative consulting is also effective for workshop students who want a one on one session to share a lot of background or material with Beth.

Private Creative Consulting also make it possible for those of you not in LA to work with Beth via phone or Skype.

She works in single sessions and in an ongoing way. Longer term private work can be

Beth helps clients…

Sort out the myriad of projects on their plates and determine priorities and effective strategies for completion.

Work through blocks.

End procrastination.

Focus on game changing projects  and let go of other less important one.

Punch up a script or speech.

Dig deeper into one project.

Analyze a script and get the next draft on track.

Put together a social media strategy that works.

Beth can help you set goals and achieve them.

She can help you make something funnier, or clearer.

Or decide what project is right for you at this time.

Beth can cover a great deal with you in  a single hour session, or Beth can work in an ongoing way weekly, monthly or ‘as needed’.

Beth can read in advance of a session, reading time is counted towards the time in the hour.

Creative Consulting is  $200/hr
Packages available

“Enormously helpful. I think what the sessions taught me the most was to trust my own voice. I say yes to things that come my way now, instead of saying no because of fear. So thank you thank you!”Andrea Martin, "SCTV"
“My creativity has been totally damned up. Well, the dam has broken!”
“I learned a great spiritual lesson.”
“This is my dojo!”Brian, writer The Bernie Mac Show
“You’re so good it’s scary!”
“Fabulous! It’s great for anyone who wants to find their inner performer, not just comedians.”Penelope Starr, founder Odyssey Storytelling
“A must for any actor!”