The Nowness of You

I was at my parents house the other day, and one of their smoke detectors was beeping with worn out batteries. Every minute. On the minute. Oh there it goes again.

And because they have those crazy high ceilings there was a ladder and a friend helping and a lot of commotion and an urgency stop the beeping. But I was actually enjoying the beeping. I’m not saying if it was my house I wouldn’t have tried to fix it. #sleep But since it wasn’t my house, I was just somehow relaxed into the beeping which actually sounded like running shoes on their tile floor. An initially annoying sound that I’ve gotten used to hearing at their house. Or maybe a cricket. Beep.

Once a minute. It makes you think, what did I do with that minute. I put the sunflowers in a vase. Beep. I texted with Riggi and we laughed. Beep. I put the laundry in. Beep. It’s kind of relaxing. Not losing track of time.

Sometimes when I have to get ready with alacrity in the morning I leave the snooze going on my phone. Harp sounds urging me not to get lost in Facebook. Not to spend 5 more minutes on my eyeliner. Its very helpful. I’m more often ready on time. (ref last week’s advice from the cop: Leave earlier).

Just now my phone reminded me to call Mitch’s Dad. I once had to remember to call him all week at 11:30. So I set an every day reminder. And never unset it. Because I like being reminded that it’s 11:30.  Last call for morning stuff. Beep.

Reminders. Re-mind. Its another way of increasing mindfulness. It’s not exactly about the time. Time isn’t even real after all. It’s certainly not linear. But we live that way. Equal measures of time seem to move faster or slower. That’s one of the most amazing things about Sunday nights at UnCabaret. Watching stand up in general. Slows. Time. Down. Being on stage, sometimes it goes faster. Sometimes slower.

There’s a great moment in “I’m Dying Up Here”, where Judy Gold’s character Judy is talking herself out of a potentially bitter moment and articulates the true reward of stand up. We get to be in the now. We get the now. #blessed

​​​​​​​We all get the now. All the tme. We just don’t always notice. Beep.

Have a beautiful weekend and come be with us on Sunday!

xo Your Sunday Girl xo Beth


PS We welcome the un and only Yeardley Smith who is Lisa Simpson to UnCabaret! The hilarious Julia Goldman from The People’s Couch! Brilliant Alec Mapa of Devious maids, Ugly Betty etc! Eli Olsberg back for a second time because we loved him so much a few weeks ago from Performance Anxiety with TJ Miller and Adult Swim. Drennon Davis who you’ve seen with Karen Kilgariff on our stage and on Conan, solo about to go to Edinburgh. Rebecca Schiffman the delightful here with us for the first time but you may have heard her music on Adult Swim or in Lena Dunham’s Tiny Furniture. Time to get your tickets