Support Chat re:Change

The nice people at my email server (Robly) are beta testing an upgrade. Another way of saying they are changing things. So many words for change. Adjusting, shifting, reassigning, editing, growing, deciding… beta testing.

Today I couldn’t figure out how to move something. The toggle thing or the cross hairs operated weirdly. So I got on Support Chat. With Quandra. I like her. Not just from her sassy pic but also because she’s a lady who made up a name to do her support job under that references query and quandary. Obviously, I am of the belief that no one on support at any service uses their real names. #trustissues or #livingintherealworld?

Anyway, Quandra and I finally figured out what I was doing wrong.
And I said I wished there was some sort of intro to the update because what took 10 minutes should have taken 30 seconds.
And Quandra said ‘adjusting to new things takes time’.
Oh Quandra.
#techguru #rememberthhis #thankyou

Earlier today John Riggi (so hilarious last Sunday – the whole show was spectacular sorry if you missed it!) and I were texting.
Then his little three dot thing disappeared and the phone rang.
This conversation is untextable, he said.
And it was. #deep #big #lotstocover
I love texting. I love social media. I love all the ways of communicating.
But I’m happiest in conversation.
So yay. Yes. And happiness.
When only words out loud will do.

See you Sunday night for just that.

xox Your Sunday Girl xox Beth

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