Summer Writing

I am excited about a thing I’m writing so I’m going to go write that instead of this although by writing that last sentence I did write this.

Which reminds me of the summer I was the art counselor at a Quaker Camp in the wilderness. #fishoutofwater The littlest girls would often say ‘I never thought I would be brave enough to stand up and share and now here I am standing up and sharing.’ That would be the whole share. It always struck me as very sublime. And hilarious. Pure courage. No other content. I read Waiting for Godot that summer. The whole experience was surreal. It rained almost every day. Wettest summer on record in Vermont. Maybe I’m exaggerating. Anyway very very wet. And muddy. And yet somehow I left in a much better frame of emotions and mind than I had arrived. Sophomore slump solidly behind me. The joy of spending time with girls who didn’t think they were brave enough to share and then they were. They, me. A best friend who made me laugh so hard. Time with nature. Nude swimming in the lake. That was a very summery summer.

Sometimes the thing gets done by simply not resisting the thing. (Sometimes resistance is the thing #summer2017).  Summer reminds me of that. Sunday too. And Sunday summers? See you there…

xo Your Sunday Girl xo Beth