Summer Fun at The Ace Hotel and in The Sky

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This Saturday we return to the fabulous Ace Hotel in Palm Springs! Thanks to the Desert Sun for the pic  – and thanks to the sun in the sky. Which has its brightest day of the year today! Happy summer y’all. If any season deserves a y’all, its summer.

Our posse on Saturday is so perfectly hot and splashy and brilliantly hilarious. Greg Behrendt (Conan, The Tonight Show, Sex and The City, He’s Just Not That Into You), Julie Goldman (The People’s Couch on Bravo, Curb Your Enthusiasm, The Big Gay Sketch Show), Baron Vaughn (Grace and Frankie, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Mystery Science Theater 3000). And, of course us. Me plus Mitch Kaplan, Musical Director extraordinaire. And Denise Fraser on drums.

So, the sun. It’s so steady. A bright, steadily shining ball. That is one truth about it. But when those giant telescopes look at it, the sun shows itself to be actually quite erratic.  A gaseous ball of explosions and flares. That’s another truth about the sun. A truth we can’t see with our naked eyes. And it seems so huge to remember both things are true. And things are more complicated, and subtle, than they appear at first glance. Even the thing that makes many of our first glances possible.

And one other thing. The sun does this very magical thing. Each year, if you do time lapse photography, and shoot it from the same place, you see that each year the sun makes an infinity sign in the sky. It’s like the universe is trying to tell us that there is infinite wisdom, infinite consciousness, infinite possibility. And maybe there is. Maybe there really really is.

I’m going to go do 108 sun salutes right now to celebrate. Maybe I am. Maybe I really really am.

Come hang out and celebrate and laugh with us on Saturday at The Ace!

xox Your Sunday – though in this case Saturday – Girl xox Beth

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