The Russian Earthquake Synchronicity

There was a big earthquake off the Russian coast last night. The part of the coast up near Alaska. Not much was made of it, but it struck me as important. #synchronicity. Here we are, #Russiagating and then, big earthquake right there. It felt like a response. Ok, it may not have been. But I lean towards seeing everything as a conversation. And why wouldn’t the Earth have something to say about all this weird Russia/America energy?


So I looked at the map. Russia and Alaska #akaAmerica. So close. This close.  It looks like they’re are about to kiss. #justme #imaromanticunderneathitall And yet we are so divided. And yet one. And yet different. And yet the same. And yet world’s apart. And yet one world…. #andyet


​​​​​​​Sometimes I can’t believe we’re going to get through this phase of evolution where we get the ‘we really are one and that one is love’ thing. Sometimes it seems so easy and it will happen one day while we aren’t even looking. The way you try and try and try and then go do something else and suddenly you can.


Then, oddly when I went to do this email the divider function of my email server was malfunctioning. I couldn’t drag and drop the thin line that divides sections. I went to support chat and I could tell ‘Melissa’ didn’t believe me. Thats ok. i didn’t even believe she was Melissa. #trustinthepostmodernworld. But then she tried and she had to admit. I wasn’t an idiot. the divider was broken. She’s working on it now. And getting back to me. I’m moving on without using further dividers which means not posting the graphic for the Chicago Second City workshop.


​​​​​​​But in a small moment of victory I didn’t resist the situation. And know it will resolve. And it really couldn’t matter less. It was just part of the big conversation about being less divided. Which is part of the conversation about knowing the there will be a perfect outcome and things are unfolding in divine order. In their own time. Not ours. Sometimes too quickly. Sometimes too slowly. #fromourpov


Anyway. Spirit or whatever the heck you call it, speaks to us in all sorts of ways. It’s about being better listeners. That’s one thing I love about Sunday nights. Sure I love the part where I talk. But I love listening too. To the audience. To the other performers. To the laughs. To the music.


Have a beautiful week. This Sunday’s UnCabaret has A LOT well worth listening to! The hilarious Julie Goldman. #laughteristhebestmedecinewhateverhappenstoobamacare Yeardley Smith making her unCabaret debut. You know her as Lisa Simpson. So interesting to hear her voice and the real stories. Love her. Eli Olsberg is back for a second time. #newfriends He hosts the show at the Pleasure Chest with TJ Miler. And is sly and sweet. Alec Mapa. One of our favorite big fun stories is Alec and his ongoing saga of raising Zion. If you are unfamiliar with his family saga check out Baby Daddy (much better than Bay Driver IMHO) on Showtime. Plus new music from the delightful Rebecca Schiffman!


xo Your Sunday Girl xo Beth