Realistic and Fantastic and The Big Sick

Finally saw the extremely delightful The Big Sick.
A friend told me she hated the happy ending. 
Friend: Life isn’t like that.
Me: That’s actually what happened. 
Friend: It’s not realistic.
It was of course very realistic.
Realistic and fantastic and truthful.
Yay for those three sparkly words.
And it was dark and personal without being victimy.
​​​​​​​That’s what they mean when they tell you to let go of your story.
Let go of being the victim.
Stop putting the ow into the now.
Letting go of the story?
In lots of ways that’s what The Big Sick Was about.
A story about letting go of the story.
Quite a trick, actually.
Some of my very favorite very funny story tellers on Sunday.
Be there, it helps with this very unrealistic world we find ourselves in.
xo Your Sunday Girl xo Beth