The Comedian’s Way For Writers, Performers and Other Humans

Comedian’s Way Workshop

Ongoing students are making great progress!

One person shows mounted, books and scripts getting written.

Stand up gigs going better. Life being clearer. Goals being met.

The Comedian’s Way. It’s not just for Comedian’s!

Zero in on your authentic voice and find the projects most suited to it.

Memoir – Spoken Word – Stand Up

One Person Shows – Web Series – Speaking

Enrolling August session now. Use the summer’s energy to push through to your next phase.

$250 for all 4 session. $300 4 session plus private.


Call 213-706-3630 for more info and credit card over the phone.

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Maybe this is perfect. Whatever sadness lurks. Maybe this is perfect. Whatever fears. Time eating its own tail, planes and wrinkles and papers due. Maybe it is perfect. The wrong thing you said. The tooth that needs to be extracted. Who calls you to play. Maybe it is perfect. Do you know what perfect is? Maybe it is this. This thing that is in your way. Maybe it is perfect. Not all good. At all. But maybe just this way on this random day. The weight of it, the light of it, the sound of it. Maybe as it is, is perfect. It is possible.

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Arizona People! I am going to be performing on Thursday night, July 26 in a super fun show that Tania Katan produces called Lit Lounge at the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art. That’s SMoCA to you!

“This is “The Most Of” Lit Lounge: Bringing you the Most because we’re already the Best! A special Lit Lounge on the big stage, bringing you the most engaging story-performers and musicians in the nation to share true stories fused by live music!”

I had a blast when I was there last year and I’m very much looking forward to it. Inspired by the title, I am writing a new piece called The Most that begins…”Maybe you are not like me. Maybe you were born happy.”

The next evening, Friday, June 27, I’m doing a special Comedian’s Way Workshop at SMoCA.

In The Comedian’s Way: For Writers, Performers and Other Humans I use a combination of talking, reading and writing techniques which I have developed over the years working with thousands of writers, comedians, and humans of all sorts. Therapists, teachers, lawyers, parole officers, executives, moms, singers etc! I help writers use performance techniques to push through and fine tune their unique comedic perspective and I help comedy performers – storytellers, stand up, one person show people, to get more rigorously honest and exquisitely creative with their comedy. I have helped so many creatives find their voice and choose and develop their projects.

I’m also available during the day on Friday for anyone who wants to dig deeper than we can get to in class. Privates are an hour. One on one time in class is ten minutes, which sounds short but in which a great deal can be accomplished. Plus of course in class you learn from everyone’s work.

The workshop will run from 6:30-8:30. I will give an inspiring talk filled with info and then we will have one on one time for you to do material that can be read, done from the heart, bullet points or improvised on the spot. I then give notes. I don’t always know where the notes come from, but I’m known for them:)

Feel free to contact me if you have more question, or check out the info page here on the website, lots of details and testimonials. Or check out the SMoCA Page. Have a creative day!

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