Happy New Year…..

Happy new year! I finally took my beloved Alexander McQueen jacket in for the lining redo. I didn’t want to. I love the lining. But it is ripped to shreds. New year new lining! So I went to buy the fabric and there was this wall. I love fabric stores. All that potential. All that bright promise. May your year be as soft as silk. As fun as fake fur. As sparkly as sequins. May you have the comfort of flannel. The mystery of velvet. The certainty of cotton. May you have the sexiness of spandex and the financial security of wool. May you have the convenience of rayon. And the magic of organza. May the tantra of your life – the weave of it be rich and bold. And may you always feel the golden thread connecting you. Much love. Much love. Much love. Xo

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The Comedian’s Way For Writers, Performers and Other Humans

Comedian’s Way Workshop

Ongoing students are making great progress!

One person shows mounted, books and scripts getting written.

Stand up gigs going better. Life being clearer. Goals being met.

The Comedian’s Way. It’s not just for Comedian’s!

Zero in on your authentic voice and find the projects most suited to it.

Memoir – Spoken Word – Stand Up

One Person Shows – Web Series – Speaking

Enrolling August session now. Use the summer’s energy to push through to your next phase.

$250 for all 4 session. $300 4 session plus private.

PayPal beth@bethlapides.com

Call 213-706-3630 for more info and credit card over the phone.

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