New York Comedy and Storytelling Workshop

New York Comedy and Storytelling Workshop
The Beth Lapides Workshop. One Evening Intensive in New York City!
  • Tuesday Dec 29
  • 6-9 PM
  • Class limited to 10
  • $200
  • Private residence in the Upper West Side. Will send you the address after registration.

Great for…

  • Stand up
  • Memoir
  • One person shows
  • Web series
  • Speaking
  • Pitching
  • Life
I’ve worked with thousands of people and helped them with creative transitions, breakthroughs, fine tuning, overcoming creative blocks. Testimonial here.I specialize in helping you get funnier. And also in moving you forward in your real work. I find people in transition gravitate towards me. I don’t like to give false hope but I am a great cheerleader.I am also available for private creative consults and will be doing them Dec 26-Dec 31 in New York City. $100/hr. Always available for phone work.

Email me for more info and to set up a time for a free intro phone call. I can answer questions and take credit cards over the phone.

Or of you are ready to jump in PayPal

Yay NY I’m so looking forward to being in you!

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Beth Lapides Podcast Appearances

If you love Beth on her Podcast be sure and check out her guest appearances on these fine shows!

Beth has also appeared on The Today Show, Politically Incorrect, Comedy Central’s Women Aloud, CNN, The Montel Williams Show, Marketplace, Morning Edition, The Marilu Henner Show.

For appearances contact

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A Cheat Sheet… Instructions on Wanting

Want What You Have

Every now and then I download a bucket of instructions from the Big Source. This one came in response to a friend who has so much, but was in a moment of disappointment. He asked me: what do I even want?

My spiritual mentor has advised me for sometime to want what I have. It didn’t make sense. And then it did. You can think of it as a cheat sheet. Or a lifehack.

These are the instructions I have been given on wanting.

Want what you have.

Want what you have because what you have now is the now. Want the now. Want the now even when it is filled with things you appear to not want.

If under no circumstances can you want the now, want the not wanting now.

Want what you have. Wanting what you have is another way of saying be grateful.

Want what you have. And have a dream. Know that when that dream comes true it will include all sorts of things you might appear to not want. Want this dream to come true anyway. And want to have new dreams. And know the things you appear not to want are part of the golden crack.

Nothing is perfect. Or everything is. Want to understand this in your heart. And be grateful for it. Not resentful of it. Want to be able to say in moments of distress and frustration, in moments of loneliness, maybe this is perfect.

Want time. You have time. It mat feel like not enough. Or the wrong time. Want what time you have. Want the kind of time you have. Want to be at one with this time. Want to make this a better time. Patience is another way of saying want what you have.

Want to help. Wanting to help is a want that can always be satiated. You have the ability to help. Want that.

Want your past not to be different. Except as it changes naturally in relation to your ability to want what you have.

Want your future to unfold gracefully, miraculously, delightfully. You have a future. Want it. Want what you have.

If you still wonder how can I want what I have? Love that question. If you do not, begin by wanting to love the question.

Want what you have. And bit by bit you will find you have what you want.

Link to this blog on HuffPo where you can read my other blogs as well. I want you to!

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