An essay I wrote for an book called No Kidding: Women Writers on Bypassing Parenthood was excerpted in TIME.

Ironically, when Henriette Mantel asked me to write it, I was in the midst of my massive, major, tumultuous life shift. I had absolutely NO time. So I wrote the piece in 5 minute chunks, between moving, and crying, and letting go, and getting willing, and grabbing on and producing 4 episodes of UnCab for Amazon. I almost didn’t hand in. But I finally I did press send. And it turns out I had enough time to end up in Time!

In the book the pice is called “Not’s Landing” but I guess that was too punny for Time. They went back and forth and in the end titled the piece….

I Just Don’t Want A Child: 

Deciding not to have a kid is like saying one big no and a million little yeses

I love the subtitle which is the heart of the piece. Apparently being #childfree is something that people have VERY STRONG emotions and opinions about. And I heard from a lot of them. I was just telling my story. Maybe it will resonate with you too. Feel free to tweet or e me. @bethlapides

Here’s hoping you have a more time than you think you have! And especially enough time to decide whether or not to have children!

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