Luckily on Friday the 13th

Hiya. Happy Friday the 13th. Or if you are reading this on Saturday or Sunday. Happy Saturday. Happy Sunday. Whatever the f day it is. Happy Day.

It’s not an unlucky day. Whatever day it is. It’s not that there isn’t good luck and bad luck. There sure is. But what creates it isn’t a Friday. Or a 13th. Or a connection to the Last Supper. Some people say that Friday the 13th was considered unlucky because Friday is the only day named after a goddess and 13 women was considered to be the number of witches needed for a coven. Whatevs.

This is what I know about luck. Some places. Are totally soul crushing and God forsaken. Don’t go there. Some people are souless. Stay away from them. Those two aren’t that hard. The third thing is much more challenging. Some thoughts are unlucky. Negative thinking. This doesn’t mean not looking at the truth. In other words if you are facing a negative force – a place or a person or a project – thinking this is a bad vibe – that’s not a negative thought. Thinking: I always end up in bad places. That’s a negative thought. Beating yourself up. Thinking no in response to new things. These are like bad luck factories.

Wondering if this world is ending. That’s not a negative thought. Thinking this world is so awful and there is no positive action I can take that will make any difference. That’s a negative thought. I never. You always. I can’t. Negative thoughts.

I’m such a cheerleader. But sometimes in the absence of cheerleading, in the quiet, negative thinking will habitually start back up. Seep in. Like fog through a closed door. Negative thinking creates bad luck. But so does delusion.

Rigourous honesty partnered with positive thought and an open heart creates good luck. Its not that easy. And also sometimes just the whole world smiles at you and you get lucky. But you have to be able to see it. I have a client who just yesterday was telling me about a project that came her way. She wasn’t very excited about it. I couldn’t understand why. This is exactly what you said you wanted to do I pointed out. Oh yeah she said, that’s true! She hadn’t even noticed.

Noticing is a big part of good luck. Noticing and gratitude. #remndingmyself


I was once trying to find out how to clear bad energy in a venue and I read that one of the best ways to dispel bad energy is clapping. Ha ha. And of course laughing. So come create good luck with us. Luckily for you we will be there on Sunday making that easy for you!

For now, with love….

xox Your Sunday Girl xox Beth