L.A.’s legendary ‘UnCabaret’ story/comedy show comes to Amazon!

by Jim Bessman

UnCabaret, the legendary story-based, stream-of-conscious comedy show that debuted over 20 years ago at the historic Women’s Building in downtown Los Angeles, is back—and Amazon’s got it.

The weekly Sunday night show, which has been characterized as “idiosyncratic conversational comedy,” had been on hiatus since 2008 (it originated then at M-Bar in Hollywood), and started up again a year ago at the First and Hope restaurant in Downtown L.A.

Now four taped UnCabaret episodes have been made available via Amazon.com’s Amazon Instant Video online streaming and digital download service. It had previously been produced as a Comedy Central Special, a daily radio show on Comedy World Radio, a podcast on Audible.com and three CDs.

Actress/writer/media personality Beth LapidesUnCabaret’s creator and host, is back in those roles and executive-producing together with new musical director Mitch Kaplan. Filmmaker Adam Salky (Dare) directed the pilot of the Amazon series episodes.

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