Kismet, Karma and 44!


Ok this so cool. Our contest for free tickets and dinner ended yesterday. At 11:11. Why not add magic into the mix?

Today we went to so the winner could be ‘selected at random’.

I’ve never been a big believer in randomness. I don’t know. It doesn’t make sense to me. Something is affecting the results. But for the purposes of picking a winner I was willing to suspend disbelief and use Random.Org. Plus officially random doesn’t mean essentially random. If you know what I mean.

So I entered the number of contestants and pressed the generate button and a ‘random’ number came up. That number was 44. 44? That caught my attention.

If you know anything about numerology you know 44 is a thing. A special number. (Here’s a google search for it if you are feeling clicky.) One of the most magical of numbers. Partially because of its relationship to 8. And if you know anything about me you probably know 88 has been a major player in my life. (100% Happy 88% of the Time:)

Anyway I told our web guy ( and if you need someone I highly recommend him) the number. He went to the 44th entry in our contest and read me the name.

What? He repeated it.

That’s crazy I said. Why? Because she’s the person who writes me back about almost every single email blast I write. These chunks of writing. She almost always responds to them, and often thoughtfully. (I love it when you write me back btw). And because she has become a regular correspondent she has also shared with me, in the course of her replies, that she has been facing some major health challenges. It seemed just sooooo not random that she was the winner.

I wrote to her and told her she was the winner. And she told me ‘I’ve never won any prizes!!! I’m so happy!!!”

Anyway it just seemed so kismety. I love kismet. And all that kismet implies.The Big Yes. More on this on Sunday. And I’ll do a Facebook live chat on it tomorrow as well.

The way I make sense of it is this. Things that have the appearance of being ‘bad’ and feel icky are usually opportunities for learning. And also sometimes that learning is the learning that we are sacrificing to a greater good. Sometimes I have made sense of my own challenges by getting to an understanding that a particular situation may not actually be about me. That in that instance I am a piece in the design of someone else story. Just for the moment. And to just let go of outcome right now. And be in this moment. And out of self. Not always easy.

And then when wonderful things happen, things that feel like they rhyme, it is just so much sweeter. It does feel like the universe, the flow, hp, the grand jester, is in conversation with me and whispering a soft yes. Of course there is a philosophy, science of mind, that says the universe is always saying yes. That’s hard to make sense of in the light of ‘bad’ things. Ok this might be too deep for just announcing a winner

Anyway if we can create sweetness and joy with contests, and at the same time reach more folks – welcome to all you new people who signed up through the contest then needless to say we will do more contests! There will be more prizes, more tickets and happiness. #doingwhatwecan #lovealways #winningisfun We’ll launch the next on on Oct 24.

But I do have a way. And depending on what else happens this week maybe we will get into it on sunday.
Come see us this week (sorry if you missed last Sunday it was stupendous) its going to be quite a ride. So use your $5 off code: uncabme.

xox Your Sunday Girl xox Beth