I Give Good Note

Over and over again I hear my Comedian’s Way students say that I give the best notes. I’m not saying I do, they are! And if they’re right, here’s maybe why.

My goal is to help each student be the best, funniest, most truthful, productive version of themselves.

To do this I set out to listen carefully and compassionately to each person who comes to me.┬áTo help them find their own voice and the ways and places to have that voice be heard. To understand where their writing, performing and human-beingness intersect. To find the deepest, most truthful funny in them – you, and to help and enlarge it. To intuit where there is something wonderful to nourish and encourage. To hug if really a good cry is standing in the way of a breakthrough.

Ultimately my job as a teacher is to respond truthfully and kindly with the idea that each person who comes to me is on the planet to do something very particular with their work, and their life, and that it is my job to help them realize that at its highest possible level.

When I am watching you I am asking myself… What needs to be thrown away? What tools do you have that you are not using? What tools can I teach you? How can you have more fun while working more effectively? How does this piece fit into your big picture? How can I make you comfortable with my most difficult notes? What assignment can I give you to push you the exact right amount for you? How best to encourage you particularly? Who do you need to watch to understand what I am telling you? Do you need to work harder? Do you need to be kinder to yourself? How can I enlarge your funny bone? Are you making progress that you can’t see that I need to point out?

And in prep I ask myself… How can I create the safest space for creative risk taking? How can I bring together groups that magnify and exponentially accelerate creative growth? Which of my biggest ideas haven’t we worked on recently?

If i give good notes, that’s why.

That and the whole 10,000 hours thing.

Next session: Mondays June 9, 16, 23, 30. 7:30-9:30

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