Creative Consulting

Here’ s the thing about creativity.
We’ve come to accept that creativity is making things.
And it is.
But it’s more than that.
The word creative comes from a PIE word ker.
Meaning to grow.

Creativity at its core is a growth experience.
Growth is change.
And even when it’s a desired change, still, change demands finessing.

To be a creative is to get freaking intimate with the experience of changing.
Letting go.
Turning nothing into something.
Seeing an essence and building out from there.
Removing what’s not needed.
Making something not funny funny.
Seeing differently.
Building structures.
And sooooo much more.

I help with all that.

I know that creative breakthroughs often come from hitting your head against the wall.
Over and over.
Then walking away.
Then going back to the wall.
And suddenly bam.
But you have to do the beating your head part and the walking away.
It’s about timing.
And persistence.
And more.

The more.
What it takes to help the particular growth which we call creativity.

Listening, planning, editing, punching up, cheerleading, inspiring, questioning, imagining, holding space, visioning, recommending, strategizing, connecting, outlining, reassuring, mirroring etc etc etc.
I do that.

Another way of saying what I do.
I meet my clients right where they are.

Sometimes that’s a state of overwhelm.
Sometimes just the opposite. Stuckness.
Sometimes totally in the flow but needing an outside eye.
Or help with punching up.
Sometimes it’s at the beginning.
Sometimes it’s at the finish line.
Sometimes there are too many projects.
Sometimes there are only 3 small jokes in a little notebook.
Sometimes there is a cosmic question. What am I?
Sometimes there is a well defined knot. How do I get my book out into the world while I keep my day job?

But the creative process is the creative process.
Know who you are.
Find the projects most essentially connected to that authenticity.
Do them.
Oh, and get them out into the world.

Know to grow.
Then grow to know.
Never leaving the heart out.
Big knowing not just head knowing.

As they say: it’s simple.
But not always easy.

In the course of doing those steps over and over I’ve helped my clients grow stand-up, spoken word, books, scripts, characters, nightclub acts, websites, speeches, one person shows, audition skills, instagram accounts, work out programs.

And the lives that go with all those things.

Because in so many ways when you are a creative the work and the life just can not be separated.
That’s the miracle and also the challenge.

If you are new to me.
I’ve learned a lot of what I know about how to help creatives from teaching my workshop.
Over the years it’s been called Infinite Writing, How To Be The Funniest You, The Comedians Way, The UnCab Lab and the maybe too obvious Beth Lapides Workshop. I’ve taught it at among other places: Second City, UCLA Extension, IOWest, Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health and The Actors Comedy Studio.

I’ve also learned a lot of what I know about how to help creatives from my own work.
I’ve been blessed with a very varied career.
Yay for me but also it means I have a lot of reference points to help from.
I’ve worked as a host, stand up, actor, producer, writer, speaker and in the beginning a visual artist.
I’ve been blessed with all sorts of work.
Of course UnCabaret in all its iterations (and spin offs).
Live, Amazon, Comedy Central, touring, radio etc.
I’m prepping for UnCabaret’s 25th anniversary season now.
Well not right now.
Right now I’m doing this.
Ok also somewhere in the back of my head I’m doing that too.
That’s one thing about growth.
Its often multi-directional.
And very rarely exactly linear.
Nature is curves.

I’ve also hosted a daily radio show, a talk show pilot for MTV, been a correspondent and commentator (CNN, NPR, Politically Incorrect). I’m a published author, my writing has appeared in O Magazine, LA Times, Elle Decor, Time Magazine etc. I’ve toured my one person shows internationally, received NEA’s. I’ve acted. My wheel house is off beat authority figured. Wonder why? (Sex and The City, Will & Grace, Muse etc). I could use a new acting credit. Hi! Anyone? I’ve written scripts. I have a very funny and heart warming one about two sisters I’m trying to set up now. I’ve developed with various networks. And am now developing two scripted series.

And here’s the thing.
I love the creative process.
And I love creative people.
And I love helping creatives grow.
Growing growers.

Let me know if you have any questions.
I’m happy to hop on the phone for a free assessment call to see if we are a good fit.
Or if you are like I am so ready to go with this, just send me an email and we can set a time and get going.

I work in person in LA.
And on the phone/facetime/skype for those of you not in LA.

Finally. If you are creative you are sensitive.
Just the way it is. So with everything going on…
Hang in there.
Lots to say about how exactly to do that of course.
But for now – when things are super uncomfortable I tell myself I’m comfortable with being uncomfortable. And that if I am here now I must have volunteered for it. I have no idea if that’s true but it makes me feel better.