Saw Baby Driver. Getaway driving. That would really not be a good gig for me. I got a ticket recently. For a rolling stop. A rolling stop is where you just slow down. Instead of stopping. I could not even get away with that. I certainly could not get away with being a getaway driver.

The cop gave me this advice as he handed me the ticket: if you’re late, leave earlier. Wow. That has actually been really helpful. #notkidding #protectandserve

Then, of course, I did online traffic school. I learned so much. For instance. Did you know that when you are driving you are not supposed to think about anything else? What?! Not think about the meaning of life and what the universe even is and is there a multiverse and is the whole thing like a video game with levels and are the Illuminati real and could I be more loving in my relationship and how can I get my feature to actresses who can get it made and who can we book for that music spot next Sunday night? Are you kidding?! That’s the whole point of driving. Right?!

No? Driving is a way to get from point A to point B in the real physical world? Hunh. In my own defense, whenever possible, I take the route I know. I don’t take GPS’s suggested route where I can save 2 minutes. Because I left earlier. Like the cop told me to. Mostly. And when I didn’t leave earlier, I remind myself that it won’t matter if I am five minutes late. It really doesn’t. Almost ever. I leave earlier, stay in the slow lane and sing along.

So, in a way, I am a getaway driver. I getaway from what is on my mind and try to get to the next level. I’ve had enormous spriritual breakthroughs driving, well actually stopped at red lights. I’ve remembered people I needed to call. I’ve accepted things I’ve been resisting. I’ve let myself cry about things that are driving me crazy. I really love driving in the slow lane. So much happens there.

I guess you could say I’m a Sunday driver.

Drive over on Sunday, in which ever lane you like, or come in Uber. Or take public transit! Its super easy to the club. There’s no better getaway than laughing.

xo Your Sunday Girl xo Beth