Eating Bubbles

I used to really hate fireworks. Partly the war thing. Partly a traumatic teenage 4th of July. Partly just being a rebel. But then, a handful of years ago, Mitch wanted to watch them and we did and it was so much fun. And for the past 6 years we’ve watched, from various spots, including The rooftop of the El Royal and some random street in Studio City. Always fun. And because my opinion so completely changed, no to yes, it helps remind me I can change, do change, people change, and America is really about change. Sometimes hard fought and sometimes unexpectedly and serendipitously easy.

So I was looking forward to seeing the fireworks this year. Then friends invited us over for for dinner, a double feature and most importantly, to help keep their three dogs calm. As I think we all know now, dogs don’t do well in fireworks. They only hear the sound and miss the beautiful part. Good reminder that when things are upsetting we might not be seeing the whole picture. As I like to remind myself, less is always being revealed.

We were hanging out in the backyard before dinner and friends took out their Mickey Mouse bubble making machine. One of the dogs, a kissy face German Shephard mix, loves to chase the bubbles. Chase them and eat them. It was hilarious. It makes him so happy. (I put up an Instagram story if which will be up till I think 7PM here.) And wow I noticed how much like watching fireworks eating bubbles is. The wanting to put something inside you that is beautiful and transient. Here for a brief and magical time. And yet how different. Hot and explosive. Cool and shimmery.

I’m thinking now, about how UnCabaret is like that. Here and gone. From the outside it may look the differently. The posters all fit the same grid. There is a consistency. But at the end of every night it does feel like a very temporary thing graced us. Sometimes more like fireworks. Sometimes more like bubbles. And sometimes both! Each night with its own magical one of a kind energy. the energy of the day. the energy of the particular performers. The energy of the crowd.

Come eat bubbles with us this week! Stay shimmery….

xox Your Sunday Girl xox