I don’t know exactly what it is about Kripalu that makes The Comedian’s Way Intensive there so life changing. I’d love to take all credit – and in fact many students in the LA classes have said their lives have radically changed from working with me. But there is something stunning about the quality and even quantity of personal breakthroughs that happens at Kripalu. When the class is once a week it’s a slower, more subtle process. At Kripalu the class is 5 hours a day. Intensive. Fun, but intensive.

I always think of my time at Kripalu as Eat, Pray, Poop! Literally and figuratively. There’s an inordinate amount of roughage in the delicious food, but also, it’s a very good place to get whatever is bottled up inside you out.

At Kripalu the work itself can feel less like a comedy writing and performance class (lots of info on the Comedian’s Way itself here) and more like play, more like therapy, more like camp, more like yoga.

Plus, there is Kripalu itself, the big quietude of a former monestary, it really sounds different than any place else I’ve ever been. And there is space for thinking. Plus the nearby lakes and mountains, the Tanglewood music drifting up, the pulse of the drum in the yoga-dance classes floating through the window, the musky smell of summer yoga, the minimizing of cell phone usage, the general disconnect from routine, from errands, from to do lists, from the usual friends, from traffic from trains of thought.

And with all that space and beauty around, it is easier to dive into the pain. The conversion of pain into laughter is the essence of comedy and I wrote about that  here.

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