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Long Deep Fun Talk


David Feldman ShowJonathan Katz, better known to you as Dr. Katz, called me the other day, out of the blue. We’ve never met but he just wanted to say how much he enjoyed the David Feldman podcast on which I was a guest. Johnathan and I had a long lovely talk about life and comedy and UnCabaret’s new Amazon episodes and his new project Explosion Bus. it is one of the joys of telecommunications to sometimes, out of the blue,  hear from someone you admire and do not know.

He asked me really good questions. David is smart and a very precise joke writer, who’s written for Roseanne, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Bill Maher etc. He was genuinely interested in how and why and who and interested in making sense of it for himself, which always makes for a great interview. That’s why I listened to Whitley Strieber for so many years. He was on a personal quest to understand. As I am. As if you have gotten the far I assume you are!

This is David’s description of the show: Why are gay and female comics more fun to watch? Is there room for confessional comedy in mainstream clubs? Could it possibly be true that the Los Angeles comedy scene is America’s most fertile arena? The history of Alternative Comedy.

Here it is on iTunes (Confessional Comedy) Enjoy!

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I had fun talking with, and laughing at,  Jimmy Dore, Frank Coniff and David Feldman on Jimmy’s very fine politically astute podcast.


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beth and mary lynn

I visit with Mary Lynn Rajskub on her awesome Nerdist podcast Kickin’ It Mary Lynn style.

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Instruction on Love

choose meThese are the instructions on love that I have been told to give you: Love yourself. Love something bigger than yourself. Love something smaller than yourself. Love something the same sized as yourself. Love as a verb not a noun. Not a thing, an action.

Love whoever comes into your path and seek out those for whom your love is abiding. Love without resentment something you both love and resent. Love without anger someone you both love and are angry with. Love your anger and resentment if this is not possible. Love what might be without knowing what it is. For today think of possibility not uncertainty.

Love the absence of trouble in whatever areas your life is trouble free. Love your troubles as they are agents of change. Love the part of you that you love easily with the part of you that you love less so. Love a part of you that is hard to love with a part of you that you love easily.

Love someone older than you. Love someone younger than you. Love someone your own age.

If you are in an elevator send love to each person though the way they are chewing gum is so annoying. Love the person that cut you off in traffic but don’t forget to love the one who let you in. Love your species as a whole. Love a creature from another species. Love someone of your gender. Love someone of another gender. Love a sound and make a sound that others can love. Love a color and put it next to another color that makes it even more lovable. Love something that needs fixing, a cuff or a dent or a dripping faucet. Love an unfinished project. Love your machines. Love your unguents.

When you wonder where to go, go where the love is. When you wonder who to be, be the one who loves. When you wonder why, consider the possibility that the answer is love. When you ask when, know that love does not work in human time. Love is not man-ufactured. Love is an element. Love the earth. Earth and heart are anagrams of each other. Love our earth with your heart. Love with every nano particle of yourself. Love knowing that love begets love. Love in ways you do not understand knowing that loving is your task, understanding is icing on the cake. Very pleasurable. Not as necessary as love. These are the instructions for today, for now. Love now. Love all. Love.

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