Mothers of Reinvention: Funny Ladies

As we head into the weekend of the Women’s March, I’m thinking about all of the incredible women I’ve had the honor of hosting at UnCabaret. From the earliest days with, among many others, Kathy Griffin, Laura Kightlinger, Julia Sweeney, Judy Toll, Margaret Cho, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Sherrie Shephard, Carrie Fisher, Lea Delaria, Merrill Markoe, Karen Kilgariff, and Janeane Garofalo, when we birthed a new kind of comedy which was in essence an intimate … Read More

Infinite Writing Workshop – Los Angeles

Infinite writing workshop winter los angeles

My writing/performing workshop is now called Infinite Writing. That’s because the awesome team at Actors Comedy Studio, where we’ve been convening this year (in that swanky Liberace building on Beverly between La Brea and Gardner), wanted a title beyond the ridiculously obvious Beth Lapides Workshop. (Details for the Winter Session 2017 schedule here.)

I called it Infinite Writing because of the infinite loop of creativity that flows back and forth between writing and performing. When you work on both the writing and performing, even if ultimately you are only interested in succeeding in one of those, it allows the talking voice to help the writing voice and the writing to help you as a performer. Plus every creative is a hyphenate now. #2017

9.20.16 On Mercury Retrogade

Mercury is almost out of retrograde! Yay! Hang on…. just a few more days. Sept 21. During Mercury retrograde I try to remember. Mercury retrograde is good for… for what again? Tech.  Ha ha ha. Kidding. The worst. Did you get an extra mail from us last week?  Tech glitch on provider’s end. Sorry about that. How could this happen I asked them. … Read More


I was doing an interview about the show and the reporter asked if we have theme shows. You used to have all those theme shows, he said. Now, not so much. Now, the theme is now. Just now. The bigness of this now. The mystery of it.

Book Soup with Jeffrey Marsh

We taped this episode of our podcast, Life and Beth with author, Vine phenom, lgbt superhero, genderqueer artist and wonderful human Jeffrey Marsh at Book Soup to co-ordinate with signing of Jeffrey’s new book “How To Be You”. Beforehand Beth and Jeffrey showed each other books they love and talked about why. Hear Beth and Jeffrey talk I Ching, Patti Smith, Be Here … Read More

Infinite Jest

Is it here already. I have that feeling so frequently. It’s one of the main reasons I meditate. That and the wight loss. Ha ha. Is it here already? Five o’clock. Sunday. August. August really has a is it here already feeling to me. The end of the summer. That marks the beginning of the end of the year. And … Read More

Sunday Girl: Mother Load

The other day someone called me an Earth Mother. I always have a moment when that happens. And it does. I start to get offended. I’m not earthy, I’m a city girl! Then, after that reactive moment passes, after I check my hair for lawn detritus, I just give the someone a hug. Yes, ok, Earth Mother, that’s me. Down by the river taking care of the lost children. Including myself.


Happy Small Business Week. In its smallness I think of UnCabaret as a boutique. As haute couture. As a flower or gem. I think of intimacy and conversation. The best part of cabaret. I think of how we can easily shift and make changes without going through department heads. These are the parts of its small that I cherish.

In its bigness I think of UnCabaret as long running. Really long for a live show almost unfathomably long. Big missioned. We set out to change comedy, did. Then set out to be the best place for comedy of nowness.

Great Vibes at UnCabaret

UnCabaret is famous for exceptional comedy but we are loved for our great vibe. DTLA every Sunday.

UnCabaret: We Make Sundays Better

It’s funny about Sundays. UnCabaret didn’t start out there. We were at various venues on various nights. But back in the day, when Jean Pierre called me to do something at his new club, Luna Park, I suggested doing UnCabaret for 3 Sundays. We ran for 7 years, from the Sunday they opened until the Sunday they closed. Kind of the Gilligan’s Island of comedy shows.