Backstage at UnCabaret

Backstage @uncabaret. Thanks to a brilliant posse and great crowd and awesome team. Hair color @david.miramontes.9 jacket @fernandoalberto_atelier Lips #backstage #greenroom #puckerup #redhair #redlips #mirror #sequins #dtla #comedian A post shared by Beth Lapides (@beth_lapides) on Jun 12, 2017 at 12:43am PDT


The word #resist has been tripping me up. Because i know almost every problem I’ve ever had has come from resisting. (More on the hilarious idiocy of this on stage). And some great things that have happened to me, which could be defined as resisting, actually are more accurately described as plugging into flow. It’s all how you see it. And maybe I’m just resisting the word resist.

Creative Consulting

I am an extremely effective secret weapon. #writers #writing #writerslife #writingcoach #transformation #change #comedian #storyteller #helpmehelpyou #writersofinstagram #inspiration #coach #lifecoach for #artists A post shared by Beth Lapides (@beth_lapides) on Jun 2, 2017 at 8:06pm PDT

Kathy Griffin and Love

People keep asking me my opinion of the Kathy Griffin thing. I love Kathy. Kathy was a big part of UnCabaret for many years. She will always be my sister. I love Kathy. It’s not an opinion but it’s my answer. I’ve made a decision to love. It’s not always my first response. And it’s often not pure. But right … Read More

Creative Consults

I work privately with a limited number of clients. I bring my experience as a writer, producer, host, comedian, coach, teacher, artist and entrepreneur to this work. These sessions are great for in depth work, work that integrates sensitive personal growth, work that you want to keep on the DL for now. Privates are also great for long term projects … Read More


I became mesmerized yesterday with the hand swat. Politics aside, just the human emotion. You don’t want the person with his hand on the button to be having his hand swatted away like that. And more than that you don’t want the person doing the swatting to have any reason to swat. And more than that you don’t want to … Read More

Your Light

It is. Wait. Is it? It is #sunset #light #billboard #hope #newthought #focus #scienceofmind A post shared by Beth Lapides (@beth_lapides) on May 15, 2017 at 11:04pm PDT All darkness is the same. All light is unique. Your light is unique. When people say: you do you, that’s what they mean. Be your own particular form of light. Are you … Read More

Mothers of Reinvention: Funny Ladies

As we head into the weekend of the Women’s March, I’m thinking about all of the incredible women I’ve had the honor of hosting at UnCabaret. From the earliest days with, among many others, Kathy Griffin, Laura Kightlinger, Julia Sweeney, Judy Toll, Margaret Cho, Mary Lynn Rajskub, Sherrie Shephard, Carrie Fisher, Lea Delaria, Merrill Markoe, Karen Kilgariff, and Janeane Garofalo, when we birthed a new kind of comedy which was in essence an intimate … Read More