RIGHT NOW 4/2/15

I don’t know why. Maybe it’s my friend Taylor Negron leaving this dimension, maybe not having had a drink in almost 5 years, maybe the drought/Isis/Indiana layer of things. Probably all the above. But as we round the corner to this Passover/Easter weekend I am steeped in the Mystery layer. Even as I buy groceries and write the script and … Read More

Happy New Year…..

Happy new year! I finally took my beloved Alexander McQueen jacket in for the lining redo. I didn’t want to. I love the lining. But it is ripped to shreds. New year new lining! So I went to buy the fabric and there was this wall. I love fabric stores. All that potential. All that bright promise. May your year … Read More


This week with Beth Lapides. Beth guests on Greg Walloch Eat Your Words on Wed 10/2/14. Hosts UnCabaret on Sunday 10/5/14. And appears on PBS. Makers, Women in Comedy. Premiering 9/30/14.

The Comedian’s Way For Writers, Performers and Other Humans

Beth Lapides’ Comedian’s Way. It’s not just for comedians. Develop your funniest authentic voice and zero in on the projects most suited to it. Memoir, spoken word, stand up, one person shows, web series. Know who you are. Do something about it.

My Podcast – UnCabaret UnStaged

On UnCabaret’s podcast, UnCabaret UnStaged, Beth lapides ask guests: What makes you you? What are your essential stories? Weirdnesses. Defining characteristics. Biological. Geographical. Psychological. What makes you tick? What tickles you? At the end of the half hour conversation Mitch Kaplan sings the guest their own personal theme song. Guests have included Ana Gasteyer, Daniel Radcliff, Lili Taylor, The Sklar Brothers and more.

I Give Good Note

Over and over again I hear my Comedian’s Way students say that I give the best notes. I’m not saying I do, they are! And if they’re right, here’s maybe why.

Happy Healthy Wholly

I’m happy to get back to everything. But that seemed short didn’t it? Time is the greatest teacher that nothing is absolute. One minute is no longer than another – supposedly. Your age, your mistakes, your plan, your story. It expands and contracts. It sometimes reverses itself. Endings become beginnings. Tragedy becomes comedy. Sometimes comedy becomes tragedy. It all changes. … Read More