Sunday Girl: Mother Load

The other day someone called me an Earth Mother. I always have a moment when that happens. And it does. I start to get offended. I’m not earthy, I’m a city girl! Then, after that reactive moment passes, after I check my hair for lawn detritus, I just give the someone a hug. Yes, ok, Earth Mother, that’s me. Down by the river taking care of the lost children. Including myself.

Today I got lost in the esoterica of the letter M during my writing break. Mmmm. Mom, mother. Mountains. Man. Human. The creation of life through hum. Womb. The shape of the M. The W. The the 13th letter, in the middle of almost every alphabet. The hidden, the nourishing. The mountains are alive. Masculine. Male. It’s all ma. I can get easily lost in this maze of knowing and mystery. Because, well, life. It’s amazing!

But then snap, it’s back to here and now. Where a major battle of epic proportions is raging on our screens and in our mind. How much of it is real? How much of it is the matrix? Unclear. So we navigate through it as best we can. With more or less no map. And yet, miraculously, so many humans I know are making enormous personal leaps as we wait for others to understand that the W and M on the bathroom doors are the same letter hung in a different direction. As we wait and keep saying. All one. Mmmmmm. Yes. All one.

We move mountains and mountains move us. Sometimes quickly. Sometimes slowly. Sometimes quickly and slowly at the same time.

I’m thinking about how things change. At the beginning of UnCabaret there really wasn’t anything like it. Soon after UnCabaret was created, The LA Weekly called it the “Mother Show of Alternative Comedy.” At that point it was still so young though, sort of like a teenage mother, with all that longing, energy, tenderness and confusion. UnCabaret is a more grown up mom now. I think. Who knows. Not me. I used to know everything. Now I just know to suit up and show up, and every now and then dive into the deep end. Because the water feels different, and nourishes us in a different way.

So do please join us at The Mother Show of alternative comedy, this Mother’s Day. We will get into it. Super great line up with all sorts of different spins on the mother angle.

For now, big love to my Mom, (hi Mom!), All Mothers, Step Mothers, Surrogate Mothers, Foster Mothers, Mothers In Laws, Fur Baby Mothers, Pseudo Mothers, Art Moms, Grandmoms, It Takes a Village Moms, Fighter Moms, Mother Superiors, Ma/Pa’s (hi Alec!), Adoptive Mothers, Mothers To Be, Daughters and Sons of Mothers, Mother Earth and Other Mothers. All in remembrance of Mothers gone and yet to bend knowing that laughing and even crying are the tools to get to the Mother Lode of Love.

I remain Your Sunday Girl. xo Beth
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Hello lovelies. Did you know it was National Small Business Week? I bet some of you are small business people. Pretty much every creative person is at this point. I am. UnCabaret is. But it sounds awful doesn’t it? Who wants to be small. (Insert shot of me in my 6 inch platform boots:)

But Big Business also sounds ominous. So if small sounds puny and big sounds crushing maybe the size paradigm is over.

When I do still think size, (paradigms generally fade away rather than jump cut out), I think of UnCabaret as not big or small, but rather both big and small. And is the best word. And it’s a tiny one. (Sometimes I think of changing my name from Beth Ann Lapides to Beth And Lapides). Big and small.

In its smallness I think of UnCabaret as a boutique. As haute couture. As a flower or gem. I think of intimacy and conversation. The best part of cabaret. I think of how we can easily shift and make changes without going through department heads. These are the parts of its small that I cherish.

In its bigness I think of UnCabaret as long running. Really long for a live show almost unfathomably long. Big missioned. We set out to change comedy, did. Then set out to be the best place for comedy of nowness. I think about the gargantuan amount of huge talent that has filled the shows. I think of the huge numbers who have seen UnCabaret, been part of us through being in the audience. I think of performers who have developed projects based on the work they have done with us. I think of us as Multi-media (though I could use some help here right now). I think of our podcast, radio shows, the Comedy Central show, the CDs and the audible archive. I think of the venues we have had residencies in and the people who have worked in them that are also part of us. I think of how now with Mitch UnCabaret includes the bigness of new, live music. I think of the way it has healed and carried so many, including me, emotionally. I think of how it has somehow been able to change and grow and yet stay the same. I think of how it is me and yet not me, so much more than me. And its size, if there is a size, seems vast.

I think a lot. And I have to think in a lot of different ways. I do a lot of different tasks. Even in these emails, I do this writing part. I make the graphic. I do the links. I think about the talent and how the show is going to unfold. Then I circle back to the booking department. Which is also me, and Mitch. We talk about the coming weeks and I keep filling in those upcoming dates. Then I check with our blogger and make sure all the links works and the ticket is set up blah blah blah.

Anyway, my point is, many hats, one head. Which ultimately is such a useful metaphor for moving forward on earth now. Rather than big and small, many and one. We have to get that we are connected. Every single thing that is a ‘problem’ on earth right now is an opportunity to get that we are connected. All one. As every bar of Dr Bronner’s soap tells us. And as every person who works in a small business knows. We are all connected. All one. Learn it. Love it. Be it.

xo Your Sunday Girl, Beth

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Great Vibes at UnCabaret

Do you ever feel like you’ve been assigned something to do? A person, or a project or a task? I was assigned to drive some teenagers to Coachella last week and though I really hate to drive I knew I had to do it. And it opened up lots of doors for me. Which made me articulate how much I believe in assignments.

I don’t believe it’s all worked out before hand. I believe how we live changes the path and the path changes how we live. I do believe that we are always being given opportunities for radical growth. Or, in shorthand, given assignments.

Yes, I believe ‘the universe’, ‘god’ ‘intelligent mind’ whatever it is you call the All, is often giving us great independent study projects. And for me UnCabaret is one of those.
I came to UnCabaret in a very back door kind of way. Doing a show at the Women’s Building. The audience was laughing too hard. After the show we had this conversation:
Me: I wish I’d been as funny as you thought I was. When was the last time you laughed?
Them: We never laugh. We’re women and artists and lesbians and when we go to comedy clubs they make fun of us.
Me: I’ll make you a show. It will be unhomophobic, unxenophobic, unmysoginistic. It will be the UnCabaret.

And that’s what I have been doing for the past many years. In different venues. And with rotating group of insanely talented people. Sometimes I think about quitting. In fact I did quit. And then, like a teacher handing back an unfinished paper, the venue we are now in was handed to us. I wanted to do any number of different shows. Mitch, who had never even seen UnCabaret in its previous incarnation, insisted it was time to do UnCabaret again. I agreed. To do one show. But in my heart I knew. It wasn’t done. It was a calling, and I answered.
You can’t spell call without All.

Then last Sunday before the show (which was off the hook amazing great great, thanks to All), the delightful Stephanie Allynne, who is newer to the show, said oh wow the vibe here is just so great.

And you know that has been a big part of the assignment for me. Try to make a place where people of high vibration, with a love of excellence, a deep desire to laugh, an ear for beauty in music and language, a love of story, a curiosity about people, can come together. To raise their vibration in an electrically charged, easy going, open hearted, open minded way. To take in the new and yet feel familiar. To process how they are changing. How we are all changing.

And it all happens in conversation. I really believe in conversation.

Anyway, I know this has been a long one, and if you got to the end, thanks for reading! Love hearing from you, at the show, in emails, social media. Give a shout out when you feel it. And do join us for the show, the vibes and the general project of living large the life you have been assigned.

xo Your Sunday Girl, Beth

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UnCabaret: We Make Sundays Better

comedy. music, soul, dtla SundaysIt’s funny about Sundays. UnCabaret didn’t start out there. We were at various venues on various nights. But back in the day, when Jean Pierre called me to do something at his new club, Luna Park, I suggested doing UnCabaret for 3 Sundays. We ran for 7 years, from the Sunday they opened until the Sunday they closed. Kind of the Gilligan’s Island of comedy shows.

And then we ran Sundays at other venues including The HBO Workspace, The Knitting Factory and Mbar. After that I took a break. And though it was a much needed, Sundays always seemed, well, not quite right. Am grateful to have revived UnSundays. To have a beautiful room and an amazing team to convene in and with. The past few years of Sundays at the corner of First and Hope have been revolutionary, revelational, and filled with enormous amounts of revelry.

It is, of course, not essential that UnCab is on Sundays. We’ve done plenty of shows on other nights. But Sundays are the pivot point, one week turns into the next. Sundays help shape the way I see the week that was and help shape the energy I go into next week with. I love the feeling of creating that uplifted energy and sharing it.

But for right now, happy Tuesday. Have the best week that is available to you this week. And maybe even a little better, knowing that on Sunday, all things are possible.

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Podcast Taping: Wednesday, February 17, 2016! Beth Lapides in conversation with the hilarious Julie Goldman (The People’s Couch, Bravo; My Big Gay Sketch Show, Logo; The Mindy Project etc).

“Charmingly Deviant!” The Village Voice

“Kick Ass!” New York Press

“A Master of irreverent cultural criticism, she will have you roaring so hard that you reach the edge of tears and beyond. Call it feminist or Lesbian humor if you want, but the great thing about Goldman is she transcends all those terms and shows us that we’re all in this together. She is an absolute Must See!” Provincetown Banner

7 PM

And Sunday we’re up to full moon fun at UnCabaret at Au Lac. Tickets here.

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