Happy Mother’s Day! Whether you biologically birthed them, adopted them, surrogated them, fostered them, step-mothered them, psuedo mothered them – whether they are people, or ideas, or projects, we are all mothers. We are all mothers to our mother the earth. That’s part of the Big Change. But on a more worldly plane…I have an essay called “Not’s Landing” in a new book: “No Kidding: Women Writers on Bypassing Motherhood”. Here it is on Amazon.

Long Deep Fun Talk

Jonathan Katz, better known to you as Dr. Katz, called me the other day, out of the blue. We’ve never met but he just wanted to say how much he enjoyed the David Feldman podcast on which I was a guest.


I had fun talking with, and laughing at, Jimmy Dore, Frank Coniff and David Feldman on Jimmy’s very fine politically astute podcast.

Instruction on Love

When you wonder where to go, go where the love is. When you wonder who to be, be the one who loves. When you wonder why, consider the possibility that the answer is love. When you ask when, know that love does not work in human time. Love is not man-ufactured. Love is an element.


Tamsin Hollo Beth Lapides Presents: Say the Word: The New America (Skirball Center) 11/15/12 Let me be upfront about this: I am no girl racer. I’m used to people asking if I got lost on the way over. Friends refuse to take road trips with me unless they drive – the whole way.  I cruise through this great semi-tropolis to the … Read More

HuffPo Blog – Hand to Hand: Comedy and Combat

UnCabaret is not UnCabaret without women comedians. The show is not the show without the loopier rhythms, the more story based structure, the particular stories, the personal revelation and the fine balance between brashness and vulnerability that every successful woman practicing the art of stand up has mastered. Or should I say mistressed.


When It Comes to Patience, First Learn the Math (Written for the LA Times Magazine’s ‘Rules of Hollywood’ column.) Everyone in this ‘I need it yesterday’ town is waiting for something: the overnights, the weekend read, the end of the day when they can finally take the edge off all the waiting with a drink. More than the play, in … Read More