Support Chat re:Change

The nice people at my email server (Robly) are beta testing an upgrade. Another way of saying they are changing things. So many words for change. Adjusting, shifting, reassigning, editing, growing, deciding… beta testing. Today I couldn’t figure out how to move something. The toggle thing or the cross hairs operated weirdly. So I got on Support Chat. With Quandra. … Read More

Realistic and Fantastic and The Big Sick

Finally saw the extremely delightful The Big Sick. A friend told me she hated the happy ending.  Friend: Life isn’t like that. Me: That’s actually what happened.  Friend: It’s not realistic. It was of course very realistic. Realistic and fantastic and truthful. Yay for those three sparkly words. And it was dark and personal without being victimy. ​​​​​​​That’s what they mean when they … Read More

The Nowness of You

I was at my parents house the other day, and one of their smoke detectors was beeping with worn out batteries. Every minute. On the minute. Oh there it goes again. And because they have those crazy high ceilings there was a ladder and a friend helping and a lot of commotion and an urgency stop the beeping. But I was actually enjoying the … Read More

The Russian Earthquake Synchronicity

There was a big earthquake off the Russian coast last night. The part of the coast up near Alaska. Not much was made of it, but it struck me as important. #synchronicity. Here we are, #Russiagating and then, big earthquake right there. It felt like a response. Ok, it may not have been. But I lean towards seeing everything as a conversation. And why wouldn’t … Read More


Saw Baby Driver. Getaway driving. That would really not be a good gig for me. I got a ticket recently. For a rolling stop. A rolling stop is where you just slow down. Instead of stopping. I could not even get away with that. I certainly could not get away with being a getaway driver. The cop gave me this … Read More

Summer Writing

I am excited about a thing I’m writing so I’m going to go write that instead of this although by writing that last sentence I did write this.

Which reminds me of the summer I was the art counselor at a Quaker Camp in the wilderness. #fishoutofwater The littlest girls would often say ‘I never thought I would be brave enough to stand up and share and now here I am standing up and sharing.’ That would be the whole share. It always struck me as very sublime. And hilarious.

Eating Bubbles

I used to really hate fireworks. Partly the war thing. Partly a traumatic teenage 4th of July. Partly just being a rebel. But then, a handful of years ago, Mitch wanted to watch them and we did and it was so much fun. And for the past 6 years we’ve watched, from various spots, including The rooftop of the El Royal and … Read More

Backstage at UnCabaret

Backstage @uncabaret. Thanks to a brilliant posse and great crowd and awesome team. Hair color @david.miramontes.9 jacket @fernandoalberto_atelier Lips #backstage #greenroom #puckerup #redhair #redlips #mirror #sequins #dtla #comedian A post shared by Beth Lapides (@beth_lapides) on Jun 12, 2017 at 12:43am PDT


The word #resist has been tripping me up. Because i know almost every problem I’ve ever had has come from resisting. (More on the hilarious idiocy of this on stage). And some great things that have happened to me, which could be defined as resisting, actually are more accurately described as plugging into flow. It’s all how you see it. And maybe I’m just resisting the word resist.