Alt comedy – plus magic & music on Alt Saturday – which is to say 3 Day Weekend Sunday!

People ask us why we don’t move UnCab to Saturdays.

A few reasons…There is something so wonderfully perfect about Sunday for live shows. Especially for the offbeat delight of UnCabaret’s brilliant alt comedy. A vibe of depth, a secret pocket of fun, a freedom. Access to something that the noise of Saturday doesn’t allow.

Plus NO TRAFFIC on the way to the show! (Very easy to get to – Beverly to Temple to First if you are coming from West Hollywood 15 minutes).

But the price we pay is that Sunday is a work night so lots of people can’t come. Which means we gleefully look forward to three day weekends which this Sunday is! The best of Saturday and the best of Sunday all rolled into one! Which we love. Yes we heart three day weekends. Three Day weekends are our Valentine!

This 3 Day weekend – President’s Day – 3 delights – comedy, music and (don’t be scared Justin is really great) magic! Beth and Mitch welcome:  Sam Pancake (Arrested Development) Justin Willman (Cupcake Wars), Miss Coco Peru (Trick), Kira Soltanovich (Tonight Show), and Del Shores (Sordid Lives).

If you have never seen Justin Willman he does for Magic what UnCabaret did for comedy. Turns it inside out, takes every thing old fashioned out of it and yet is as sweet as the cupcakes in Cupcake Wars which he hosts.

Miss Coco Peru is really a one of a kind, a singular talent! According to Lily Tomlin, the last of the great raconteurs! The title of Miss Coco’s show says a lot about her – She’s Got Balls!

Sam Pancake is a character actor whose face you will recognize. But at UnCab he is a force of nature. His stream of consciousness story telling is so much fun to watch, a thrilling surprising ride, with just enoug sweetness to make the bitter delicious.

Kira Soltanovich is one of the most down to earth, natural storytellers working in comedy right now. Do not miss her.=

Del Shores is not just a writer and performer but an entire industry. He has created a world of characters and projects for them to live in on stage and screen. Movies, plays, TV – Del has found a way to talk from his sassy heart in every medium.

Plus Denise Fraser turning the beat around.

See you Sunday! Happy Valentines Day we love you!

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