3 UnCabaret Debuts!

We’re very excited to have 3 UnCabaret Debuts this Sunday April 28! New new new! It’s spring, a time when stuff sprouts and blooms and explodes and, you know, just grows! Tickets!

Missi PyleTom LenkShelby Fero!

tom lenk

Today The Nerdist called Shelby Fero one of the 4 women comics you should know about! Do you know about her? You should! Not to make you feel bad. There are so many things you should know about. We are here to help! They also say you should know about Tig Notaro who is featured on our UnCabaret Amazon shows.

Tom Lenk’s YouTube video of his call to Tim Gunn is one of the funniest and most endearing videos we have ever seen. You may have loved him on Buffy but you will love him more on UnCab!

Missi Pyle is the rare exception of the blonde bombshell who doesnlt just get by on her looks. In the tradition of one of our other fave blonde bombshells, Jennifer Coolidge!

We’re also thrilled to have Rebecca Corry, Melanie Mayron (30 Something), Kelly Carlin (yes, she of Dad George Carlin) and Raspin!

 Tickets and info!

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